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Kudos from Jewlicious

I had a very nice exchange with Laya from Jewlicious today about Itza Mitzvah. Itza Mitzvah was born out of some beating up of the Reform movement in the comments at Jewlicious. CK challenged me, “Where do Reform Jews learn about the mitzvot?” And I said, “They, um… I dunno.”

So I answered by forming a monthly discussion group for 20/30somethings in Chicago called Itza Mitzva. My rabbi, Michael Zedek, leads the monthly discussion. We use Torah and other texts to delve into our personal experiences and decide where we are in relationship to the mitzvah of the month.

Laya wrote me today and said, “Everyone ck or I has mentioned this too has been really excited about it. I really think this is a model which could expand to reform shuls nation wide.”

Sweet. Thanks guys. Let me know when you want me to come and present the program structure in… um… I’d settle for Israel.

(and I’m linking back to that ol’ argument so there is some context. I think I can safely say that CK and I made shalom ages ago.)

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