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Lesson: Check the invoice.


I was exhausted on Friday morning when I checked out of my hotel. Totally exhausted. I had been so impressed by the customer service at my hotel, that I didn’t check the invoice.


There are an extra couple hundred dollars in charges for phone calls that I didn’t make. In fact, made when I wasn’t in the room. The idea that someone was in my room, making phone calls while I was at a meeting? Totally creepy.

I’m sure it is more a glitch than an intruder, but the lesson is learned. Check the invoice. And hotels? Don’t give the invoice in an envelope. Slide it under the door unfolded so weary travelers actually look at it.

UPDATE: The Muse staff is amazing. In less than an hour with no hassle, they reversed the $200 in charges for phone calls I didn’t make. Combined with the amazing customer service in person, the luxurious bathroom and amazing bed, this keeps the Muse as my favorite hotel in New York. (Okay, okay, it is also the only hotel I’ve stayed at in NYC in the last 11 years. And I’ve only stayed there the one night. BUT STILL!!!!)

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