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Little Love Letters

To my sister, who passed the bar, which opens up a world of possibility and freedom. Congratulations! She’s one of the most amazing moms I’ve met in our generation and now she’ll be one of the most amazing lawyer moms in our generation.

To one of my blog-sistahs, who told me she was scared shitless at 2AM, but less than 24 hours later has raised nearly $3000 to fund a trip to Rwanda.

To my best friend from college, who is going to be a dad sooner than later and is going to have a son. Guess that means my name is out of the running for this one, eh?

To another good friend from Chicago, who is also going to be parent, but she’ll be a mom and her fabulous husband will be the dad. Still no word on Gender, so maybe, just maybe, my name is in the running there. (just kidding…. sort of.)

To a Twitter-sistah in NOLA, who is an artist but asked me for an art idea. She keeps me fully stocked on planetary news and focused on helping NOLA libraries via Pilcrow.

To a man, who no longer makes my heart drop, but for making it drop once upon a time and to the man who will take his place. I think he’s out there somehwere.

To a website and the ability to star messages, that I can then go back to and smile.

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