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Lonely Friday is a BAD TIME to place a personal ad.

Last night I did it again. I placed another personal ad. What was I thinking? Argh. Now I am sifting through the responses and deleting anyone who doesn’t spell out you. “U wanna hang?” NO. Don’t underspell words until I know you are joking.

One guy I think I’ve gone out with before (eek) and one called me on writing a book about dating based on my bad dates. While I keep saying I won’t, other friends are begging me to put the dates in writing. Fiction being wackier than reality.

But, I have my final date from my August ad coming up, so why not have some november dates that drift into the new year. Meanwhile, the people who are currently in my life that I am interested in–well, I don’t know how to do anything about those. So it’s another personal ad.

Pardon me while I go sift.

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