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Lovely, beautiful snow and tango.

I finally got to back to Tango lessons tonight and for a few glorious minutes, it looked like I was going to be the only student. Not that I don’t like the other students–but an hour alone with my teacher. That would have been pretty amazing. I wasn’t the only person who braved the 4-6 (to 18 in some spots) inches of snow, there were four total.

But with just three ladies, it did mean a lot of time with John–our teacher. And without his partner there, it meant that I got to dance with him a TON. It was great, I love to dance. Tango is wonderful, I feel great on the floor. I feel graceful and lovely. That I could conquer a tango club in Buenos Aires or say hello to a cute boy–anything really.

After class my phone kept beeping with text messages from the CTA repeating the following message: Due to an airplane blocking 55th street at Central, the #55 bus is rerouted.


AIRPLANE. AIRPLANE. Blocking the street. At midway airport a plane went off the runway or something.

Why were planes flying today? Seriously people, why? Why not just curl up in a hotel bed and wait it out. From our office in the Terrorist Target, we couldn’t see the Hancock building less than 1/2 a mile away. Why not? SNOW STORM! So much snow that suburban co-workers left the office early. So much snow that PLANES SHOULD NOT BE FLYING IN IT.

Probably too much, really, for me to trek through to dance tango. But at least I wasn’t driving a PLANE on the ROADS of CHICAGO.

It is very pretty out though. And I danced a lot. What else matters right now?

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