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Lovely wedding, wonderful time.

What a fun wedding. No really, fun abounded, if that is a phrase. Beth and Phil planned a great wedding and phenom reception. It was clear from the table settings that we were going to have fun. A disposable camera, of course. But what else? A yo-yo. The gift for each guest was a wooden yo-yo with the wedding date and the new couple’s name on it. Fabulous! And remember “cooties”? Not the toy or the germ, but those origami things that you put words all over? Well, they used it to get the tables talking to each other and answer questions about them that we might not know.

What else? A gift bag for every child there. Since there were 15 young-uns, this made a huge difference. Fun for all! They got little stuffed animals, masks, children’s yo-yos and crayons with coloring books. Later the couple did their single friends a HUGE favor. Instead of the garter belt and bouquet toss, they gathered all the children and tossed a stuffed animal. But then to keep everyone happy–all the kids got EVEN MORE CANDY!!!

There wasn’t a cake cutting, but a cupcake sharing. Beth carried an engraved wine glass with ribbons on it and Phil carried an engraved Bell’s beer glass sans ribbons. There was a special song sung, there was mucho dancing and then more dancing and then even more dancing. They pulled out all the hits from the late 80s and early 90s for us to sing-along to.

Beth and Phil actually ate dinner. They very smartly sat at a table for two near the dance floor and got to chat and spend time together. SMART.

Millikin graduates abounded. I got to see Andrew and Denise (Hi Denise!), Nancy and Mike & family, Willbill and his daughter, Grace and her man, Leanne and her family, Maggie came solo like me, Kurt came solo so his soon-to-be-wife could recover from the flu before their wedding in two weeks, and I know that I’m missing someones. We should have gotten a photo taken for the Quarterly, oops.

Beth looked gorgeous and she chose fabulous, floral dresses for her attendants. Somehow I got through the ceremony without sobbing, but I cried before and today, so I think I made up for it. She did a little jump for joy when they were declared husband and wife, very Beth-like and later she threw her arms up and yelled, “Cupcakes! Woo hoo!”

That’s my Beth. Well, I guess that’s Phil’s Elizabeth now. What an amazing couple, what a fun weekend. Mazel Tov Beth and Phil!

P.S. They met on MySpace, cool, right?

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