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Matching Socks

I just got home from an emergency trip to the laundromat. I had to get wallpaper paste off of my clothes. I spent the last three days hanging wallpaper with my dad. It was a great chance to talk and a nice change of pace to be doing something new.

I was in the final stages of matching my socks and another patron said, “You have a lot of Hanes.” Huh? “You have a lot of Hanes socks.” Yeah, I guess I do. Find something you like and then stick with it.

Then I started thinking about my entire wardrobe and wondering if I need to jar myself out of this little clothing rut I’m in. I have 6 shirts from Old Nacy that are v-neck, perfect fit, short sleeves. All of my underwear is Cacique from Lane Bryant and in one of two cuts. All of my work socks are Hanes Her Way. I have 4 long sleeve Old Navy shirts, all the same fit and cut.

I need to find a new personal uniform. Maybe buy undies from Victoria’s Secret or a T-shirt from Target. Although new fancy panties won’t fit my homeowner’s budget.

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