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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.

Okay, don’t make me a match, I made a match. And, no, not a romantic match either, but a business match. But not even a traditional hire business match, but a “Holy cow, I

bet you two would be great collaborators!”

Introducing: Hugh and The Rabbi.

Hugh is Hugh MacLeod, duh. The Rabbi is Pinny Gniwisch of

This podcast explains a lot of mysterious tweets from Hugh, a protestant. The story is that in October Hugh was coming to the states and speaking at Darden school of business. As a curious friend, I looked at the day’s schedule and saw it also included Pinny.

I emailed them both and said, “You two must meet each other.”

And they did and they got along great. I was a bit of a noodge and kept insisting that they do something together. “At least,” I begged them, “get on the phone again and chat.” If you listen to this podcast, you will realize that these two marketers human beings can talk for hours.

If we are lucky, they’ll keep recording the hours of conversations and we’ll all learn from them. We’ll get to learn about marketing and spirituality. They are a fabulous odd couple. A diamond-selling rabbi with five children and a Scottish blogger with 5000 cartoons.

What are you waiting for? Go listen to my favorite men talk to each other.

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