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Maybe I should talk about WW.

When I check my statistics, the overwhelming number of visitors I get are from WW and the 50+ board. So I thought I’d say a few words about weight loss.

Ugh. It’s been hard lately, although I have lost the last two weeks, I only journal through wed or thursday and then pray for points during the weekend. This week I had point gobblers like a milk shake, burger and fries, margaritas. But then I’ve also been at the shop a lot working hard and walking an awful lot. Half a mile to this restuarant, half a mile to the store, etc.

My goal lately is to get below my lowest since being on WW and start really losing. This plateau of the last 2-3 months is killing my attitude. Plus, I look great right now. I know I’ll look and feel greater, but I really feel good now. How did I happily sit at such a high weight for so long? I don’t understand that one. But it took some wierd motivation to get me started–a local kid getting hit by a car and seeing some photos of me at a wedding (when I thought I LOOKED GREAT.)

So, I’m trying to work the fresh veggies back in daily and having better choices around the house. I rarely grab a regular soda and I lean towards salads… but working at an ice cream parlor instead of a veggie stand, that makes it rough.

Something I realized, though, is that if I have a full bag of something available, I’ll eat it. So I don’t bring chips into the house, but instead bags of carrots and cucumbers. It’s going well, I’m happy with WW and wouldn’t go anywhere else for reasonable, healthful weight loss.

More progress pics as soon as I lose 10 pounds or so… promise.

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