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Maybe Ill pass on the morning bikeride

I had been planning a nice long bikeride today–work out some stress, work up a sweat, enjoy chicago. Then I went outside to walk up to get my coffee. No fucking way am I getting on a bike in the next few hours. It is so hot outside, it is unbeleivable how hot it was. Yesterday was fairly present (granted, I spent most of it inside of Ikea, but still it wasn’t so bad.

Instead I’m finishing up my art project–hebrew letters on canvases of different sizes. The letters are in black and the canvases are different primary and secondary colors. However on the bigger canvases I was more willing to show more movement in the colors–not mix them perfectly, not hide the brushstrokes. My favorite is the blue and white 10 x 10 canvas. I think it will get “yod” or a star of david. Probably the yod.

This installation will go on the wall above my desk, I think. Not in the bedroom–I want people to see it and my bedroom doesn’t get a lot of traffic other than Mr. Spidey hiding under the bed.

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