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Meet me in Toronto, Tel Aviv or Chicago!

Even though my life revolves around online and digital work, I’m making a concerted effort to meet more people face to face. If you want to hang out, here are some of the places I’ll be in the next couple months.

Social Media Breakfast with Jeff Pulver and Friends. Jeff has been spearheading a bunch of breakfasts around the country and I’ll be at the Chicago breakfast this Wednesday, May 7th. It’s a great networking event and certainly not limited to digital types.

Ladies who Launch is hitting Chicago on May 10th and guess who they asked to speak? I’ll be on a panel in the afternoon called “Viral Marketing; Driving Traffic; Building Your Name; Growing Your Business.” To which I said, “Viral is an outcome, not a strategy. Ladies who Launch promises to be a great event and I’m looking forward to speaking. Here is a bit more info that includes a code for a discount on the entry fee.

Put your power suits and briefcases in the closet and join Ladies Who Launch LIVE in Chicago on Saturday May 10th for a reality altering day! Meet Vosges Haute-Chocolat founder Katrina Markoff, event doyenne Debi Lilly and former CNN news anchor Daryn Kagan who turned an ace reporting career into an online good news channel…and much more. From power-brokers, non-profit founders, accessory designers and blogging wizards, this day is dedicated to your dreams and passions and the feminine approach to doing just about anything. Come see me speak at this event, and get a special offer of $25 off the $125 ticket price. Use promo code SPREF and register here. Ladies Who Launch is an online and in-person resource and community for women launching businesses, ideas and creative projects in 53 cities around the country.

Like I said last week, I’ll be in Toronto May 19-22 to attend mesh2008. I’ll be blogging and twittering, but also meeting and greeting. I’ve heard rumors of a Third Tuesday event and possibly a Thursday something. Keep an eye on this space and I’ll tell you more, when I have more.

Last, but not least, I’ll also be at two events in Tel Aviv. The first is the HUGE Mashable event on June 11th and the second is a blogger meet-up in Tel Aviv on a to be determined beach. I think that about covers it, can you meet me in Chicago, Toronto or Tel Aviv? I hope so!

Cross-posted on Edelman Digital’s Authenticities.

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