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Meeting Mr. Sedaris

Okay, it is time to make some confessions about my reading relationship with David Sedaris. As much as I think I’ve read his stuff, I haven’t actually read too much. I’ve read most of the short book “Holidays on Ice.” Two years ago, we passed it around the living room and each person in my family read it.

Then a year or so ago, the story about learning french in Me Talk Pretty One Day got passed around the office. I enjoyed them immensely, but haven’t devoured the books like my friend (and ticker purchaser) Scott. I do pretend like I have. It is just what I do. I enjoy what I’ve read, but I don’t have it memorized. I’m sorry.

That said, I really had a wonderful time sitting in the last row of the last balcony of the Chicago Theater on Halloween. He was hilarious, making me guffaw and giggle a number of times. After the show, Scott and I waited for two hours to get our books signed and have our three minutes with him. Why would I wait two hours for an author that I’m not gaga for? First of all, Scott got me backstage to meet Weird Al. I’ll stand in almost any line with him after that. Second of all, I do appreciate his writing and he does know Ira Glass and (maybe, just maybe) my writing is in the same vein and maybe something magical will happen at the table.

In the end, Scott and I had a nice chat with him. We each gave him our cards. I said, “This is where I write.” and gave it to him. Very simple. I also had him autograph my current Moleskin journal that I keep notes in. He signed my mom’s copy of Holidays on Ice as well. I’m going to regift it back to her, is that fair?

In Scott’s book he left the ambigous comment “a forest of shrooms” under a stamp of mushrooms. We never decided what it meant, but it made Scott a little uncomfortable.

And that was meeting David Sedaris. It was cool, he was gracious–and easier to talk to than Weird Al. But then, this time, I wasn’t shaking with anticipation.

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