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meh-aleph ad taf

In Hebrew (according to Ronnie) that means “completely everything” or the equivalent of “from A to Z.” I sent him a celebratory text message last night, saying that I had finished learning the hebrew alphabet–from Aleph to Zayin. In the book I used, Aleph isn’t Tough, I didn’t learn Zayin until the end. The truth is that it is actually very early in the alphabet. So when I told him I’d learned from Aleph to Zayin, I’d really said that I’d learned from A to D.

Fantastic accomplishment Leah, four whole letters.

The truth is I now have all of the letters–consonants and vowels–of the Hebrew alephbet under my language belt. It might take me two hours to say the blessing over the wine (if I’m reading it), but I can say it.

Hooray! I wanted to finish the alephbet before passover and now I’ve done it a few weeks early. Which is perfect, now I can work on reading better. Come Passover, I should be able to read some during the Seder.

Which brings me to another big concern–a Seder. Other than the Seder’s at temple and with the JCC, I don’t have a seder to go to for passover. I really want to go to a family seder, but don’t want to start asking around. I probably will, though, so I can do at least one holiday in a jewish home. I’m also concerned that we are opening a new store on the first day of Passover and I might have to work, then wouldn’t be able to go to a first night seder anyway.

BUT! I know the whole Hebrew AlephBet!

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