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Someone said the other day, that if you don’t know the word, then you can’t feel the emotion. I think what I’m feeling right now is “meloncholy” as I sit next to a not quite packed suitcase, knowing that my taxi will be here in three hours and I’ll be on a plane in about 7 hours.

This is hands down one of my best trips ever and I’m on the verge of tears thinking about leaving Israel. Don’t worry fam, I’m not moving here any time soon(er than in ten years), I just had a fantastic trip. I’ve had great food–falafel and shawrma. Great company. More great company. Long walks to nowhere and plenty of time to stare at the ocean.

I’ll be on a plane to Zurich and then Chicago. Lucky for me, a friend has agreed to battle rush-hour and pick me up from chicago. I bought very little in the way of souveneirs, my apologies to all. L’hitriot.

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