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Memo to Tina Fey

I watched you on Conan last night, after talking about your new movie at work with John. You know John, you used to improv together in Chicago. He was suggesting that I pick up a book by Syd Field, the one you used to write your screenplay for Mean Girls.

I just want to say–you are a brilliant writer, comic genius, and obviously very smart. Also, you happen to be sexy–just ask any of the men I know. Everyone agrees.

So, the purpose of this memo? Enough with the self-deprecating stuff on TV. Last night my roommate Scott said, “Why does she keep saying she’s fat?” You aren’t. Maybe you were at some point–most girl comics were–but you aren’t.

For all the funny, smart girls out there–make fun of yourself for something else, but not because your ugly or fat–cause you aren’t. okay? If you stop, then I’ll consider stopping too.

Thank you and good night.


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