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Menorahs, sparks, flames.

Take a deep breath, watch the candles burn out. Another mitzvah done for the day and I wish I had more candles, because I’m not ready for this part to be over. It is the fourth night of Hanukah and I lit my candles shortly after coming home. But then I had a surprise work call which ate up most of my “gazing at the menorah” time. Now it isn’t even 7PM and my menorah has one flame left.

I’ve been thinking a lot today about flames and sparks. Fizzle and explosion. Perhaps about how you can’t hold onto a bottle rocket. You can recognize the sparks, enjoy them, allow them to illuminate. But for everyone’s safety, you have to let the rocket go. And then there are flames, perhaps long running steam engines that need to be stoked and fed and taken care of and they will provide the power for the longhaul. A spark can start a steam engine, but you really need a fire (and years of fuel) to sustain it.

“Hey Leah, did you get a master’s in being vague this weekend?”

Yes, apparently I did. Simply put, I’m choosing a steam engine over a bottle rocket. I have “a steam engine to attend to in Chicago.” I am certainly grateful for everything that was illuminated and reflected for me. It was an unexpected and joyful blessing.

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