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Meta life

In addition to giving me the final speech that convinced me to get a MacBook yesterday, my friend Lorraine also lent me a book called The Five Things I Can’t Live Without. I got about three chapters into it last night and it was eerily familiar. A 29 year old writer with a very active meta life.

A meta life. Being an observer in your own life instead of being present with the people you are with. Constantly evaluatin, looking for hidden meaning, and writing it down as it happens. A friend got after me once, “STOP THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO BLOG AND JUST DO SOMETHING!”


The writer then starts writing personal ads for people… or that is when I fell asleep. It was a little too close to home there. I used to write personal ads when I had writer’s block. I did it for free and only for strangers, but it was fun. I wouldn’t let people talk about the Sunday NY Times Crossword, walking in Central Park or listening to NPR. It is a great writing exercise and perhaps one I should have charged for. I don’t know if I ever got anyone a date, but it was fun.

As for my meta-life… yeah, that’s a problem. Especially with Twitter. I’m making constant observations and sending them into the ether instead of jotting them into a notebook. Perhaps it is time to go offline. I won’t, but maybe I should.

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