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Michael Shelley loves Nancy, NRQB and good food.

Michael Shelly, a music maker and WFMU DJ, joined Leah to talk about a few of his favorite things including the music of NRQB (New Rhythm and Blues Quartet), the classic comic strip Nancy, and eating good food on the road. We also chat about WFMU and how Michael met They Might Be Giants, which lead him to one show at Millikin in the 90s.

Keep up with Michael

  1. Twitter @wfmumichael

  2. WFMU Archives

  3. WFMU

  4. Juniper – She Steals Candy

Show Notes

  1. Chirp Radio Chicago

  2. NRBQ

  3. NRBQ Wikipedia

  4. Nick Lowe

  5. Nancy

  6. Ernie Bushmiller

  7. Twitter accout of classic Nancy


  9. Roadfood the book

  10. Lou Mitchell’s in Chicago

  11. Galatoires in NOLA

  12. Zahav in Philly

  13. Gallaghers New York Steak House

  14. The Flat Five (Chicago musicians)

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