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Mmmmm… coffee, NPR, home improvement.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve added making coffee at home to my routine. While I miss my friends at Metropolis, I’m saving money and there is something wonderful about cranking NPR up on my laptop. (Big ups to Jeffery for telling me about the Wait! Wait! Podcast)

Spidey is back on his Purr Padd, a must have for all owners of shedderiffic cat. I think his evil squint is telling me to turn up the heat or at least turn on the dryer. I have on my old Cooper Hall Hoodie, the one I set on fire in La Plata, Argentina when I visited in May of 2000. I went to Argentina during Rainy Season and got soaking wet walking from the train station to the IES center. My friend Marcelo took my dripping sweatshirt and put it next to the heater. An hour later? A whole in the hoodie.

I put together a little drawer shelf to try and organize my bathroom cabinet. And I even COOKED EGGS for breakfast. A la my time in London, I burnt the eggs and set off my smoke alarm. I simply can’t be trusted with an electric stove. Years, years I’ve been cooking on an electric stove and I just can’t figure it out.

I obviously need more coffee. If you need me, I’ll be holed up today. Drinking coffee, eating more burnt food, washing dishes, doing laundry, and studying for my bat mitzvah. My cantor told me last night, “It is time to FO-CUS.” Um, yes. Yes it is. I have a lesson tomorrow with my good friend DIane, then a phone lesson on Monday with my cantor. Then Hebrew lessons on Tuesday.

Hebrew, hebrew, hebrew.

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