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Morning pages, the couch, my office.

A few years ago, I bought The Right to Write. Truth be told, I forgot how important a book it was to me. It was through that book that I was introduced to the Highest I can know–which I later discovered is God, Adonai, whatever you want to call it. I’m fine with saying God, it is shorthand for all the other things people call the highest.

This Thursday I picked up The Artist’s Way, also by Julia Cameron. While reading the introduction, I realized that it was indeed in The Right to Write that I first found God. Now I am ready to start being creative regularly, which means doing morning pages again. Which means opening myself up even more to God and the power of prayer and intentions. It was morning pages and intentions that plopped me down in London in 2003, I have no doubt. It was also a written intention that got me to see Tokyo Boy before his birthday that October before London.

They can be powerful, the wishlists and morning pages. I know they can. As much as I have changed my life and allowed it to change since buying this condo–I know that in the act od daily prayer that is morning pages, I have to be ready for greater change. Not just being creative, but letting God in to a greater degree than I have already.

The truth is, sometimes God seems absent and sometimes God is next to me, with his cosmic sense of humor. The cosmic sense of humor is what moved me to London instead of just offering me a new project. Letting God in, means being ready for more than I can handle and then handling it.

Letting God in also means I have to write, really write, everyday.

In order to do that, I think I’m moving my desk into my bedroom. Not my computer–the computer doesn’t belong in the bedroom (neither does the TV in my humble opinion.) The desk will go along with a chair, a notebook and a jar of pens. So I can roll out of bed at 7AM (when my alarm goes off the first time) write my morning pages and then climb into the shower. Ready to go to really start my day.

But if my desk goes into my bedroom, where does the computer go? I have set it up on my kitchen counter. Now I sit facing the sink instead of out the window, but the keyboard fits better here and the height is better for typing. I can even stand if I need to. It also puts my back to the TV, which I am sometimes tempted to turn on while I write.

Then there is the placement of the couch. Ugh. I don’t know where it will go or the lamps or the chair or the table. I did get my hebrew paintings up. I chose to spell out Israel and Shabbat. My name snuck in there backwards and diagonal. Then there are a couple letters tossed in randomly. But I think centering it around Israel (wrestling with God) and Shabbat seemed appropriate–that is, afterall, what judaism centers around.

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