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Moses supposes his toeses are roses.

That keeps going through my head for no apparent reason. Argh! I am getting ready for freezing my patootie off next week. It is cold and snowing and getting colder and snowier. If anything is going to make me regret my decision to return to Chicago, it is going to be the brutal winter that is welcoming me at O’Hare airport. As long as my flight still gets in, I will happily brave the cold and snow to sleep in my own bed with Spidey. If he is willing to forgive me. Will he be able to tell that I’m not quite home for good? Will he recognize my footsteps crunching through the snow? I know that cats can recognize footsteps from 100 feet away, but don’t know if he will remember mine.

Anyway, if you are desperate to follow my flight–I am arriving on British Airways flight 297B at 3:25 PM (Central Standard Time). Not bad considering I am leaving London at 1PM. Did I mention it was on the Concord? No? It isn’t, that is the time difference helping me out. I am also going to do my best to get my mobile (cell) phone turned back on while I’m home. Since I put it in vacation mode when I left, it won’t receive calls. And Scott and I voted Ameritech off the 1955 W Leland Island, so I am currently without a home phone as well. We are a mobile phone only household.

I will arrive on the 4th of Feb. Be in the Chicago office on the 5th and 6th. Celebrating Joe’s Birthday and my brief homecoming at Monk’s on Friday after work. Hope to see my folks over the weekend, but everyone is in school and has amjore assignments to write. I am planning on hitting Maggie and Steves “F*ck Winter” Party on Saturday and dragging college friend Geoff along with to meet the IES crew. Then a week’s vacation–which for me means scooping ice cream with my atrophied right arm and wrapping candy for Valentine’s day at the shop.

On Valentine’s day, I get to avoid all expectations of a surprise love by being back on a flight to London. This time it will be United. I imagine it will be a pretty empty flight, cause it’s Valentines day night. I will curl up with my headphones and a movie and sleep away until I get to London on the 15th.

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