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My hearts going b-boom, b-boom, b-boom.

I was yakking away about my poor little heart at shul on Sunday, when a friend gave me a silver bullet. Okay, not a real silver bullet, but she said, “How’s your potassium? Try eating some bananas.”

Bananas? I can do that. I bought a bunch that night and it was magic. My heart was fine the next day and hasn’t raced once this week. I didn’t cancel my doctor’s appointment, clearly I still need to go if my electrolytes can get that out of whack. And bananas didn’t fix the mysterious mole.

In other news, I am desperately trying to fix my attitude before I walk into the cold, cold night. I’m on my way to a Millikin Networking thing in Greektown. The last time I went to one of these, I felt like a total loser. It is all doctors and lawyers and PhDs and and and… This time I have a job I can be proud of and a condo. But I didn’t remember it when I was getting dressed, so my outfit is on the lame side and I’ll be wearing my snowboots in the bar.

But maybe I’ll reconnect with some friends or meet some new people. Who knows, maybe other Jewish alumni will show up? (Except that Adam lives in LA and Micah is a married father. Are there any others?)

In other other Chicago news, Super Bowl anyone? Take a look at my office building tonight, we are going to show our Chicago Spirit and the AON building will say BEARS. Or maybe Go Bears, but we were only able to fit SOX on it a couple years ago.

UPDATE: I’m proud to say that I was Little Miss Extrovert at the networking thing. I chatted with people and had a great time. No really, a great time. I’ve been in Chicago long enough that I was able to say, “Oh, do you know so and so” and make connections with people outside of Millikin. I’ve had a very different path than most of the folks there, different jobs and now a very different job. It was exciting telling people about the work I do at Edelman, invigorating. It’s been two days in row with nice conversations about work. I forget how different my job is and how it really is new territory for a lot of people. Hooray!

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