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My life takes a dramatic turn.

Today I resigned from my job at IES. What? Huh? The same company that sent you to London? to Japan?


It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made–included on that list are leaving Durango, leaving London, and picking Spidey’s name. And I was a wreck. I had horrible nightmares last night that involved stealing listerine and soap from my Vice President’s hotel room and then trying to return them without looking like an ass and then hiding while everyone else in the company ate Thai food in the kitchen. Bizarre.

Anyway, I sucked it up and walked unsteadily into the Vice President’s office to tell him my decision face to face. Hard. I was shaking at my core, as I’ve never (other than Wal-Mart) resigned from a job when it didn’t involve a cross country move or a natural break.

My year of not making decisions has officially ended.

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