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My life these days

It is hard for me to remember the days when I logged into Blog City and wrote every single day. But I did. For the first three years here, I wrote every day. I finally gave myself a month-long break a couple years ago and since then I only write when moved to write, not the forced march of daily writing.

I said on a panel recently, that my best year of blogging (or best two years) was the year of study before my conversion and the first year after I converted. I had something real to write about. It was a major transition that I needed to share with the world and my readers. Those are the archives that still get comments and emails.

I don’t write like I used to, that’s clear. My longest posts are now often reviews of books that I’m sent, events that I’ve gone to or fundraising that I need to do. The soul-searching I’ve been keeping on paper, no longer willing to share so wildly and so publicly. In part is because through Twitter and Facebook, I have a much larger audience than I ever did as just a blogger. I’m a business owner and aware that the personal and professional are only barely divided. As a social media professional, there is hardly any division for me and that makes me more and more private – even though it appears that I live a very public life.

While I’m quite far from famous, I struggle at times with becoming well-known in Chicago. People have walked up to me in coffee shops (once), at bars (once) and at events (once at a craft fair and countless times at tweet-ups and conferences) to introduce themselves.

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