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My new business. Writing Personal Ads.

Although I have to say, I’m over the whole esquire thing. It was fun, but I’m over it. It was exciting, but… like most things the anticipation was more fun than the vacation.

However, I have found a new skill. Personal Ad Writing. Today I found an ad in Men Seeking Women–a man asking for help writing his personal ad. I wrote him and offered to help. He wrote me back, sent an old ad and told me what he thought needed to be added. I quickly wrote a shorter message and sent it back. He liked my approach and is going to make a couple edits and place the ad.


I will use my skills for the good of others. If you want me to write your personal ad, then email me. I can’t gaurentee any responses, but it will be a fun, creative ad.

Going once, going twice.

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