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My Rules about the Internet

I have twittered a couple times, “I hate when people make rules about the internet and I hate when people don’t follow my rules.” Then I never share my rules about the internet. So… um… what are my rules?

1. No means no. If I block you or remove you on one service, please stop adding me on other services. The incessant adding starts to feel like stalking, which I’m not a fan of.

2. After 2-3 @ messages on Twitter, go to IM or DM. I violate this rule plenty, but try to be mindful that Twitter isn’t IM and shouldn’t be used as such.

3. Don’t ask me for a link or blogroll add. I find it maddening. If I have linked to you and made a mistake, ask nicely for it to be fixed and remember that I don’t work for you. (Unless I do work for you, in which case I’ll fix without attitude.)

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