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Myspace and Friendster

Don’t ask me why I’ve reopened these accounts, but I have. Especially after the disaster with Friendster Boy last summer. Ugh. Did I ever mention that I saw him standing on the sidewalk on Broadway a few weeks ago? I thought, “THIS IS MY NEW NEIGHBORHOOD!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Then I literally ducked behind a tree to avoid him seeing me, which I suppose, had he seen me, would have made me look like the stalker he thinks I am. When the truth is that we keep running into each other because our lives are one big episode of candid camera.

Anyway–wanna be my MySpace Buddy? Wann be my Friendster Friend? Well, Friendster is acting up, so I can’t get the invite link quite yet. So be a myspace buddy instead–besides, I have really bad friendster karma.

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