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  • Writer's pictureLeah Jones is launching on December 14 and youre invited.

On Sunday, December 14, Richard of Israeli Wine Direct and I are launching our new company It’ll be a house party, here in Chicago and you should come to it. started as a suggestion that Richard let people order wine via direct message on Twitter. But trusting a product order to Twitter seemed foolish, so we turned to the fine folks at Digital Criterion to turn text messages into something the warehouse can use to fulfill orders. Which they did with ease.

One more time… If you’ll be in Chicago on December 14, and want to taste and text, then RSVP on Facebook and come to the party. Wine supplied by Israeli Wine Direct, ordering made possible by

Digital Criterion was co-founded by my friend Micah Bergdale, who I met at ROI120 this summer. Digital Criterion’s subsidiary Atom Apps just released a new iPhone application that you fine iPhone users should check out called Contacts2Go.

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