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nice comment, then goodnight.

Tonight was a small service–not in information covered, but numbers. Not surprising, since we were all just at shul yesterday. But tonight both my cantor and the rabbi emeritus commented on how much we go. We being me and another JBC–both of us are young and single and new jews (okay, he’s a jew, I’m almost there.) Our senior rabbi said, “I’m not here every week, but every time I’m here, you are here. That’s nice.”

I think part of the draw is the lack of a family life. Not that I lack family, but that I don’t have a husband or children. I can’t stay home and make shabbat–it isn’t about being alone on Friday night. It is about community–so I go to temple every Friday.

Besides, if I suddenly decided that I don’t go on Fridays–what would I do? My friends have all learned, I don’t go out on Fridays (except on some occasions, like tonight, after services.). But don’t invite me to dinner or happy hour–I’ll decline.

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