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night two of hanukah

I’m watching my candles burn down to the bottom on the second night of Hanukah. Last night I lit the menorah (with the help of google) at my sister’s house. Tonight when I got home, I lit it in my house. I kept it in the window for the required 18 minutes–but fear of my cat and setting the plastic sheet that I winterized with on fire, that made me move it to my counter.

I ate more over the last few days than is humanly possible–but everything was so darn good. The dim sum, the latkes, the turkey, the roast beast, er beef, this gravy my sister makes, her cheesecake. Holy cow, can the girl cook. I took challah–which is the thing I can cook. I’m not sure I’ll ever pull off a meal like that–especially not while she was fighting off the last days of a cold, coralling a sick toddler, and wrapping/giving presents. I can’t wait till next year when Henry will know how to RIP open gifts–it is going to get even more fun!

So I’m doing laundry and watching the candles burn down and giving Spidey some attention.

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