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No couches at SOFA, but plenty of benches.

My parents are visiting me for a couple days in the very windy Windy City. Yesterday’s trip was only seven hours instead of the normal four and a half. Granted, there is no normal travel time to/from Chicago. So they spent seven hours in the car, got here in the middle of a huge storm, a streetlight fell into Sheridan road causing mayhem, and I had to ask my upstairs neighbors to drive my mom and I the two blocks to shul.

The storm was so bad, that I had to get a ride. My neighbor drove us there and then today his wife made us apple cobbler. Who are these fantastic people? Who gives you a two block ride in the rain and then the next day gives you homemade apple cobbler?

Services were fun and the shabbat dinner was fun. My parents really appreciated how joyful a Share Shabbat can be and I got to introduce them to all of my friends. It was great.

Today we had our regular breakfast at the diner and went to Metropolis for coffee and made plans. It turned out to be a day of art. We went to the SOFA (sculpture objects and functional art) show at Navy Pier and got totally overwhelmed by art. Then we went to an art store where they didn’t have any of the supplies that my dad was looking for.

Then it was out to Candle Light for Garlic Fries. And…. they were out of the good fries. Look, people, tell your customers that you’ve run out of the famous garlic fries. Do not bring COLD teeny tiny fries to the table and try to pass them off as Garlic Fries. My parents didn’t drive SEVEN HOURS for cold french fries. (Yes, they are this good. I think the only other food item I have regularly written about is the Chicken Pot Pie at Jack’s on Southport. Which i haven’t had in months, because the truth is that it doesn’t settle well in our little stomachs.)

Now I’m home, I’ve had the before mentioned apple cobbler and I’m going to curl up on my couch, read some Amy Tan, and go to sleep.

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