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No Plan B.

I have decided to move forward for the next two months with no back-up plan, no plan b, no other option, total focus.

I am deleting my roommate ads and not going to any rental open houses. I am not renewing my lease and I am not seeking a new lease.

I am going to buy a condo, close, and move in on May 1, 2005.

I have already started talking to a realtor and on Monday I am meeting with a Mortgage Broker. I mean it. I am going to take the leap. No more waiting another year, no more crossing my fingers, no more putting buying on hold until I get married. This is about me saying YES! to life and to Chicago. This is about me creating good debt and not throwing money away renting for another year. What would I save if I rented a one bedroom? Nothing.

I’m buying.

When I moved into this apartment in May of 2003, I wrote in my journal, “This is the last apartment I’ll ever rent. My next move will be into a place I own.” Then in July of 2004, I wrote, “This is the year I will buy.” I kept getting intimidated, but no more. The Realtor, Mortgage Broker, my boss, and my friends are all saying, “YES!”

And I am going to say YES! and on April 30 or May 1, I will be moving into my home. I am certain of this and I will accept no alternative.

No back-up plan. I am going to buy.

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