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Non Scale Victory followed by radio silence

TOnight I celebrated the early close of the day before Thanksgiving by going shopping with my upstairs neighbor. We spent three hours in only two stores–Fielene’s Basement and Nordstrom Rack. I tried on only one item of clothing (and shoes, of course, I got a pair of Clarks.) and she said it was too big. I explained my problem–losing weight, not quite being out of Lane Bryant land yet, and being overwhelmed by options when I am out of LBland.

She announced that she thought I would fit into the XL at New York & Co (Lerner’s) and I scoffed. But not so much that I wouldn’t try it out. I did and I FIT INTO CLOTHES AT NYCO.

I FIT INTO CLOTHES at New York and Company. That is motivation to get on track post-Turkey Day.

And now you will not hear from me until Saturday. I have an early early flight in the morning to get back to Terre Haute for turkey.

Good night and good luck.

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