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Not so much.

I opened a profile on Koolanoo a month ago while I was working on an article. And after seeing their newest attempt at viral marketing on YouTube, I;m considering closing my account. Seriously, it is so offensive and just not Jewish. While I’m not a fan of JDate and consider it to be a special hell for Jewish Singles, comparing it to the devil? as part of your marketing campaign? Making a violent marketing campaign for one Jewish site over another Jewish site? Blech.

I’m not even going to link to the video, you can find it with a little searching I’m sure. While I think we need an alternative to paid dating services and I think that story could be told with animation, this was maybe not the way to go.

UPDATE: I am going to link to it, even though links are currency, but I want you to know what I’m talking about. What bothers me is how violent the ad is. While I don’t like JDate, The Jewish Dating Industry run by the Devil in this video, I don’t think the idea of sending three Jewish Ninjas in to vanquish and slay the “founders” is a great idea. It sickens me. I had friends watch it last night and they were just confused.

“Who is the target audience? Why is it so long? The production value isn’t that good, who would watch the whole thing?”

Not to mention, with my Jewish paranoia, I look at it and say, “What are anti-semites going to do with this video that shows Jews embracing violence?” According to the story line, it is self defense. I DO support self-defence and I DO support the Israeli Defense Force. But do Jews elevate violence into entertainment (other than Purim)? Aren’t we supposed the hate the sight of blood?

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