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Off to temple.

Yeah, I know. Bad jew, writing a blog entry on shabbat. I’m on my way to temple in a few minutes, just trying to finish my coffee first. Today there is a naming ceremony for a baby. Have I mentioned that one of my favorite things about judaism is that life events (with a couple exceptions) are just a part of the shabbat service? Naming ceremonies and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs… Not a seperate ceremony, but the regular one–with the regular community. I’m a fan.

I’m starting to make Saturday morning services a part of my shabbat observance, although it feels wierd to go on Friday and Saturdays. But the morning service is so different from the night service and I want to learn it before I get my tribe on. And since I’m no longer working on Shabbat–I don’t have an excuse not to go.

Then when I get home, I’ll write my article on conversion for the women’s magazine who requeste it. Then I’ll study hebrew. I know, I know. Strict observance says no writing–but it will be jewish writing and studying.

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