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Offline working online

I’m heading into the office early. Leaving in just a couple minutes… well, as soon as I get out of my pajamas and get my morning coffee. We are having a group meeting today, which is always fun. We are so rarely all in the same city for more than two hours. I present first and I’ll be trying to convince my group that I should be more visible. So far the feedback on my ideas has been.

So, I’ll be offline today and since I’ll be in a room with anyone who might need me in an emergency, I’ll probablyhave my blackberry off. Okay, not off. But flipped upside down so I at least don’t see the red light blinking. Expect slow responses to comments and emails, that’s all I’m saying.

And I get to enjoy a proper end to Pesach tonight by going to Gioco’s for pasta. (And I’ll pretend like I didn’t break down and have a bagel yesterday. Sorry Gd, I’ll do better next year.)

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