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Oh… and picking a Hebrew Name.

So I’m also starting to think about my Hebrew name. Man, I’m just having an “all about Jew” night aren’t I? I’m trying to find out if there is a reasonable translation for Ruby. My first hebrew name will be Leah–why mess with a good thing? My parents already named me after a matriarch, a super jewish name, so I’ll keep it. But I want to pick a second name. Ruby was my Grandmother’s name, well, Ruby Jean. It was her death that pushed me to go to temple and I thought it would be nice.

I asked Ronnie, his mom reported that people say, “Rubeez” in Israel. So rubies with an Israeli accent. hmmm. That might not work.

Ruth is another option–but that seems cliche. She is the first convert, so it almost seems like a cop-out to pick it. If I wanted to keep the same initials–then Miriam is an obvious choice, but also really common. I’m not trying to insult anyone who has picked Ruth or Miriam, but I want something different… I’m having trouble finding it.

Any suggestions? Great women from the Bible or cool Hebrew names I should consider?

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