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“Oh,” he said, “you are the one with the blog.”

A regular came in today, he’s Friday Sandwich Guy (how’s that for your new nickname, huh?). I have known about him since we started carrying sandwiches, although I’ve not waited on him before. Today we were introduced at The Shop and Friday Sandwich Guy (that is kind of a long nickname though, what if I called you Bob for short.) FriGuy says, “Oh! You’re the one with the blog.”


Didn’t I take off everything that said where The Shop is and try to make a SMIDGE more anonymous? eeek. “How did you find it?” “Something food related.” AH HA! A Chowhounder, that explains the 250 hits I got last week. FriGuy (and other Chowhounders) reading all about my life at The Shop and in London.

Again, like BlogReader (a guy I dated in London) FriGuy has read an awful lot of this here blog. When I started to explain why I got the blog, “I was in London this winter,” I started.

“I know,” FriGuy said, “I read your blog.”

I blush everytime I realize strangers read this. Strangers that might also be regulars. The problem with the blog is that with BlogReader, when we sat down for a proper fry up on our first real date (we met speeddating and he is the guy who didn’t reject me outright.) he was already on the seventh date. I was struggling through dates 1 and 2 and he was on dates 7 and 8. Why? He had 2 months of information on me from my blog.

Utne Reader has a great anti-blog article this month. “Blogging ruined my life.” It is about how, especially in areas of New York, bloggers vs. non-bloggers is becoming a serious issue. Very few of my friends blog, and most didn’t know what one was before I started this. I don’t know that I need to get lots of blogger buddies, but I have said, “Oh, I linked you to my blog.” and “but I wrote about it on my blog.” to friends. Guilty as charged.

Go get Utne if you want the rest of the story.

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