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Oh. Im also in New Mexico.

Yeah, the rabbi was on the flight from Chicago to Pheonix. Then I got on a Mesa flight into Farmington. This was the worst puddle jumper flight I’ve ever had. I forgot how small the planes are–every seat is an aisle and every seat is a window. I had a terrible pressure headache on the left side of my face and felt queasy and thought I might not last the trip. I think my neighbors were a little worried that I might not make the trip.

Part of the problem came when I fell asleep for the first half of the flight. My head was on the wall–which is freezing cold. I got brain freeze from the outside-in and then the pressure built up on the left and tried to push the cold out. I felt pretty sick until we landed in Farmington.

Then I enjoyed a day planting flowers with my good friend Debbi. It felt like we hadn’t missed a day together in the last 2 1/2 years. Except now she has a 2 year old daughter and then she was just preggers. Emrys and Sara dropped by too, so we all got to hang out in the yard and dig holes and stir mulch.

As much as I love Chicago, I do miss the big sky there is out here in the southwest. I forgot how beautiful it is to see mountains and stand on a mesa and breathe CLEAN air. Oh–how my lungs will hate to return home.

Tomorrow is a haircut at LemonHeads and Margs at Gazapachos and hopefully, dinner at Falconburghs.

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