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On my reading list

Technically, I’m still reading Infinite Jest. I’m just taking a break from it–like a fifteen book break from it. Maybe twenty. I read The Chosen and Goodbye, Columbus last week. I’m working my way through Born to Kvetch and am also juggling in Open Secrets and American Reform Judaism.

Open Secrets is one that I need to take a little slower than I normally take books. It is “spiritual fiction.” I keep having to look at that tag on the back and remind myself of that. Why? Because the book is a series of letters from a Hassidic Rebbe in the old country to a student in America. But the answers are straight out of the Reform movement. Answers to questions like, “Who is a jew?” It seems like the writer is an orthodox rabbi and I suppose he can get away with saying “one jewish parent, child raised as a jew,” because it is fiction.

I grabbed American Reform Judaism on Thursday to better understand my movement. I’m happy to report that it mentions our Rabbi Emeritus when it talks about the founding of OSRUI and Reform Summer Camps. I am also happy to report that it mentions a number of JBCs who become Rabbis, but do so later in life. So I can put that thought on hold for awhile and not be outside of the norm. First I’ll write some books and get married and then, later, I’ll go to rabbinical school…. MAYBE.

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