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On the Matzah Show tonight!

Went to my friend Sara’s most amazing Seder last night and had, of course, a blast. The food was amazing, the company was amazing, and she made us wear nametags which I think is very important. Especially when you have 34 people at the seder table and lots of new faces.

I went +3 last night and took my shul-friends Kaz, Elena and Maria. It was great to celebrate Passover together and we got to talk for the first time in a more relaxed environment. It’s nice to sit around after dinner instead of standing at an oneg.

This year we kicked off and closed the Seder with The Matzah Song, lyrics below. You’ll be singing this sederational song all night!

The Matzah Show

(to the theme of “The Muppet Show”)

It’s time to burn some chometz It’s time to bless the lights It’s time to start the seder, on the Matzah Show tonight

It’s time to put on kittels It’s time to lean left, not right It’s time to raise the 4 cups, on the Matzah Show tonight

It’s time to ask some questions It’s time to leave Egypt tonight It’s time to get things started on the most sensational Inspirational, celebrational, sederational This is what we call the Matzah Show!!!!!

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