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On the third night of Hanukah…

Last night I stayed at work L A T E. Very late, but I got a lot done. I’d had a report staring be down for a couple weeks and it wasn’t coming together. What I needed was loud music and no interruptions. Which I got by going to dinner with a Lawyer Friend and then going back to my desk around 8PM. Hebrew tunes on, paper and pen out, report grokked and drafted.

Then I got home L A T E for a school night and all wound up, so I hopped online where I ran into Idan. Idan is a blog friend in Tel Aviv who I “met” through blog admiration this summer and then got to know better during the OneVoice campaign. Idan and I got to talking about Aliyah and talked on IM for about an hour.

Israel should know that Idan is one helluvah salesman in a pull-no-punches sort of way. He gave me ideas of what sort of work I could do, work I’d never imagined I could or would do. Needless to say I’ve been chewing around the idea of moving to Israel a bit more seriously, although a couple people have already asked to have their names put in the “Leah doesn’t move to Israel” column.

I’ve had a few nice, quiet nights of Hanukah. I forgot to mention that on the first night I went to Glenn’s Diner on Montrose with The Mango Lassie and Empanada Boy. Um, they have awesome blog nicknames and I’m kind of jealous I was never an anonymous blogger with a great nickname. If you haven’t been, save up a buck or two and go to Glenn’s. It was quite tasty, although I wish I hadn’t let my waitress talk me out of the Pretzeled Walleye.

Night three was me, my computer and my phone. I did some catching up with friends and some writing. I need to get some progress made on my novel and start my interviews for an article I’m writing for PresenTense. Just need a couple thousand words by the 15th.

With that, I’m going to wash my face and go to bed. Hope to get a couple more hours than I did last night. Happy Hanukah, if’n that’s your thing.

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