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One great leap towards adulthood.

The tenets of being an adult.*

1. College Degree. 2. Marriage. 3. Home ownership. 4. Own family.

I have:

1. B.S. in chemistry which applies to my work at The Shop how? 2. Been on some very hilarious dates and hung out with that guy in Colorado for about 6 weeks (two of those, however, I was out of the country.) 3. Renter. But I did paint my apartment and buy a crock pot of my own. 4. Spidey, my scaredy cat.

Considering the only thing on tha at list that I have any control over is number 3, I took a step towards ownership today and bought a book. First I browsed titles including The Idiot’s Guide to Mortgages and Mortgages for Dummies and Buying houses for people who know nothing. They all seemed too advanced for me. I needed something more basic, cause I’m not at the mortgage or house stage. What do I, a 27 year old single professional, need to know to buy in Chicago.

I settled on condos, co-ops, & townhomes: A complete guide to finding, buying, maintaining, and enjoying your new home. It is by Mark B Weiss, CCIM. So far I know that a co-op is a corporation, a townhome has party walls, and a condo marked the transition for many people from hippy to yuppie.

Let’s see if Weiss can give me some good advice and get me beyond coveting the graystones on Leland (between Leavit and Lincoln) to owning my own condo, co-op, or townhome.

*These are in this month’s Utne Reader, I didn’t make them up. They just didn’t put them in a bulleted list.

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