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One of the Best Live Bands You Will EVER See.

At some point in the past our friend Leah gave me access to her blog to post music thoughts and reviews. If you read this blog with any frequency you will know that I haven’t posted anything here for well over a year. I admit that I have just been along for the ride. However, I feel inspired to post due to my love for a particular band.

IF you like music there is one band that you MUST see.

Sleater-Kinney is a three piece band made up of three powerful women. They put on one of the best live shows that you will ever see. Need proof? Google for some show reviews. While you are at it check out thier album reviews too. If you have any indie rock credibility you have already heard of them… If not, this is your chance to get off the couch and get behind one of the best bands that exists right now.

SO, if you love rock music… if you love women who rock and aren’t scared of the male dominated “rock” industry… check them out. Please, Pretty Please. You won’t be disappointed !

Tickets for thier Chicago show go on sale tomorrow – Thier new album comes out next month.

– your music friend, evan

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