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Ooh, I made spanish rice.

I was looking at the tomatos in the pot and realized that my can opener was in the dishwasher. Brilliant. So much for adding green chilis or black beans. I opened the cabinet and saw a thing of Zatarain’s Jambalaya Rice Mix. Hmmm. I added veggie broth to the tomatos, turned up the heat and waited. “Oh, yeah, you have green peppers, that might be nice.” Operating on auto-pilot, I added green peppers.

Why would I ever think that would taste good? Then I laughed that I was using my summer ingredients (for Israeli Salad) in some rice dish. I guess if they are good raw, they will be good after 25 minutes of simmering with rice. When the timer went off, I went over and was pleasantly surprised. I’d made my mom’s spanish rice. Not for real, but it tasted very close to hers. Yum.

Do I really have to wait until tomorrow to eat more? It is so delicious!

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