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Oops, it is past my bedtime.

I just remembered that I have to be at work early tomorrow. I somehow got roped into a major day-long meeting and part of it is getting to work at 8:30. That definitly means skipping the coffee shop and just getting right on the train.

While I managed to get a lot of laundry done and some dishes, I still need to clean up my art supplies and figure out my property taxes. I think I’m going to have to call my lawyer–he said to call when it got close to October. Or my mortgage guy. Someone other than my upstairs neighbor to help me through the conflicting letters I’m suddenly getting. I also have some mortgage things to straighten out, because my original lender sold my loan effective 9/1, but just sent me a coupon to pay on 10/1. Shit. I don’t owe them anything and now I have three lenders expecting mortgage payments on 10/1???

In the hopes that I’ll be tired tonight, I took a nice long bike ride. I meant to ride to the Loop to catch a symphony concert. Then I got halfway there (just south of Fullerton) and realized that I might make it there, but wouldn’t make it home. I turned around and headed north. The ride was wonderful until the very end. There is one half of one block where I ride illegally down a one way street to get to my alley. A woman in an oncoming car rolled down her window and yelled at me to get my “fat ass” off the street. This was in front of eight pedestrians with strollers. Lovely.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

I’m going to curl up with a new book. I’ve been begging folks to lend me books to support my reading habit lately. My dad dropped a book on Jewish Customs in the mail, so that should be here this week. But yesterday on my way home from Walgreens, I found four books in the alley between two dumpsters. I got a novel by Alan Dershowitz, The Liar’s Club, an Amy Tan novel, and two more that slip my mind. Yeah! Fresh (free) books!

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