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Open air internet cafe in Haifa

I’m up at the top of the mountain in Haifa in an open air internet cafe. I’ve been putzing around for a couple days. This morning I was in Akko (Acco, Acre) and this afternoon back in Haifa. Dubi put me on a train in Tel Aviv yesterday morning when he was on his way to a meeting. I had a couple of times that I had to grab my bags and run off the train, almost missing the stop for Hof HaCarmel. Oops.

I’ve gotten used to seeing guns strapped on soldiers on the trains and buses. I’ve gotten used to asking for mayyim and used to the fact that I’ll never have ice again. Okay, not for another few days. It has been a really nice, very low-key trip. Everything has been completely safe and I have avoided sunburn.

If you are ever in Haifa, let me recommend the Port Inn Hostel. Get it with breakfast, you can’t do better in this town. Lots of Bahais stop there while on pilgrimage, so that means everyone is happy and pretty darn friendly.

I guess I don’t have too much to report. The Carmelit subway that climbs the mountain is cooler than sliced bread and it’s hot, but not as hot as Tel Aviv. Tomorrow morning I’m back in Jerusalem to see CK and pick up my luggage from Dubi’s. Then TLV to Zurich to O’Hare. Home sweet home.

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