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OR… you can create a jdate profile.

Or, instead of focusing on the condo you are buying–you can set up a profile on Jdate is the jewish dating website. Don’t worry all you folks who hate me saying I’m jewish, I clearly stated that I’m a jew by choice and won’t finish my conversion until winter.

My user name is even JBCwriter, so don’t worry. I did say I was reform and that I attend temple on some shabbats. Yeah, I go every shabbat, but I’ll explain that later.

Anyway, while I was browsing I ran into a familiar looking pair of glasses. That sounds wierd, but there was something about the photo. I clicked and found one of my very favorite stand up comics in Chicago. In fact, once upon a time on Friendster, I even hit on him. So I sent him a little “teaser” about a menorah and then emailed him. That way he knows that I know the “tease” was totally lame and I just wanted to say hello. I still have a little crush on him, but I’m pretty certain it will never be mutual.

Memo to JDate: Make a teaser that says, “Holy shit! I know you! Email me and tell me why you HAVE to use Jdate!!!”

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