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Our Favorite Things in 2022: A Call In Show

Friends and guests of Finding Favorites are back to tell us about their favorite things from 2022. This is a clip show with SO many great recomendations, most of which are in the show notes below. This includes clips from How Did This Get Made (Leah asking a question at the Stone Cold live show in LA) and Doughboys (Burger King 6 with Jon Gabrus and Adam Pally)

Leah Intro 1 – best movies of 2022

  1. Steroid Saturdays

  2. Everything, Everywhere, All at once

  3. RRR

  4. 4DX theaters

  1. Pennyworth on HBO Max 

  1. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

  2. Strange Loop (Broadway)

  3. Eight Billion Genies (Comic book)

  1. Only Murders in the Building, Hulu

  2. Wakanda Forever

Leah intro 2: The return of Live Shows with Friends

  1. Boston for a cancelled Doughboys show

  2. How Did This Get Made in LA with Esther and Susan

  3. Return to Boston for Doughboys and introducing Ronnie to the Doughboys in Milwaukee

  4. How Did This Get Made in  Chicago with Jocelyn over halloween

  5. LetterKenny live with Amy Guth and Kevin Alves

  6. Hadestown with Rob

  7. Going to Weird Al with Shai Korman’s family in DC

Esther Kustanowitz, The Bagel Report

  1. The Ringer-Verse Podcast 

  1. Weird Al at the Kennedy Center

  1. Stranger Things, Hulu

  2. Severance, Apple TV 

  3. Tehran, Apple TV

  4. Pachinko, Apple TV

  5. Kelsea Ballerini

  6. Tate McRae

  7. Mimi Webb

  8. Taylor Swift

  9. Love after Lockup, TV

  1. Dark Web Comic Books

  2. His dog Elvis

  3. Bug Con (Bugmane event)

  4. Doin’ it with Mike Sacks (Podcast)

How Did This Get Made clip: Leah is the person in the audience. Episode is Stone Cold, recorded live at Largo

Leah Intro 3: Cancer Stuff

  1. Finishing chemo, radiation and immunotherapy

  2. Celebrated with my trip to Boston after chemo and a trip to LA after Radiation

  3. Got a sparkly caftan for my radiation gong

  4. Three trips to the Mayo clinic

  5. Returning to Israel

  6. COVID Bivalent Booster, Flu Shot and the Pneumonia vaccine

  1. Premier League Football

Jason Mathes

  1. Inside Job on Netflix

  2. Gravity Falls on Disney


  1. Uno

  2. Go Fish

  3. Taco Cat Go Cheese Pizza

  4. Scrabble Slam

  5. SET

  6. Sleeping Queens

  7. SkipBo

  8. Monopoly Deal

  9. Yahtzee

  10. Yam Slam

  11. Trouble

  12. Phase 10

  1. Pentament (Xbox, PC video game)

  2. Crimes of the Future (movie)

Leah Intro 4

  1. 101 Places to Party Before You Die

  2. Jackass Forever

  3. Mike Nichols, A Life by Mark Harris

  4. Art by Phineas Jones aka Octophant

  1. Doughscord

  2. Stories to Dismember Podcast

  3. Love on Netflix

  4. Doughboys Podcast

Doughboys clip from Burger King 6 with guests Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus. Leah created the drop that Mitch plays towards the end of the clip.

  1. Boston

  2. Milwaukee

  3. Great people

  1. Southside on HBO Max

  2. Bunny instagram

  3. Red Door Shelter

  1. Candy Chat Chicago

  2. 101 Places to Party Before You Die

  3. Avett Brothers

  4. The Diffs

  5. Firepits

  6. How Did This Get Made

  7. Jo

Wash your hands, wear your mask, get your booster and keep enjoying your favorite things.

Transcript Follows

Tue, Jan 03, 2023 11:15AM • 1:12:55

Zoom Bomb  00:00

Hello, hello. Hello. Hi. What’s good? [Switches to German]

Announcer  00:08

Welcome to the Finding Favorites Podcast where we explore your favorite things without using an algorithm. Here’s your host, Leah Jones.

Leah Jones  00:20

Hello, and welcome to Finding Favorites. It’s that time of year, which is the last day of the year. And that means the Call-In Show, the best of 2022 is back. This is the second time I’m doing it. So that might mean it’s a tradition. Check back in 12 months and see if that’s true. Right now I’ve got clips about 10 clips. As I’m recording this intro, I might have more by the time I finish recording. But I’m going to break my favorite things of the year into three chunks. It’ll be me a few clips me a few clips.

Without further ado, I wanted to kick off my best of ‘22 with my top movie theater experiences of the year. The year started, and I was finishing chemo, which meant that Ronnie and I were still celebrating what we lovingly called Steroid Saturdays, which is when I would get chemo, I would get steroids along with my chemo infusion. And then I would be wired on steroids. And the amount of time that I had energy from the steroids got smaller and smaller over the course of the three months of chemo. But what we did was every almost every Saturday morning, after I would get chemo on Fridays, we would go and see a matinee. And so I saw a lot of movies in the theater over the winter of 21 and 22. But my top three movie going experiences were not on Steroid Saturdays. it was seeing Everything Everywhere, All At Once, in a packed movie theater. This was the first time I had been in a packed movie theater part of going of the Steroid Saturdays, The MO was we went to matinees of things that have been open for more than one or two weeks. So generally, we went to private, we created private screenings for ourselves.

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once was at the theater on Diversey and Surf. So it was an it was a sold out theater. It was jam packed. There were not assigned seats. But seeing that movie, in a theater full of people was outstanding. It was such a great experience. And only topped by at the end of the year going to a sold out show at the music box. In a theater that holds 700 people to see the Indian movie, RRR. RRR was a movie I’d heard about on podcasts, where people were just like, don’t know anything, go in blind and watch it. I watched it at home alone really enjoyed it. But getting to go with three of my friends to see our RRR in a movie theater where people cheered, booed, clapped along, plus the director was there in from Tollywood to answer questions. And that was very, very cool. Seeing an Indian movie in a packed house of people cheering for these historical revolutionaries set into magical realism. It was amazing.

And finally, I have to give a shout out to 4DX. Like I said, on previous episodes, I saw Wakanda Forever 3D 4DX. It’s the fourth dimension. The chair is essentially a roller coaster through the whole movie. I’m still talking about it. It’s been a month later. Don’t see a movie in 40x If you want to experience emotions, other than the hysteria that comes from being on a roller coaster. So you’re going to hear some people talk about Wakanda Forever because it was an outstanding movie. I did not connect to it emotionally because my chair kept making me laugh. That’s all I can say.

Coming up in this first block. We’ve got a filmmaker Liz Nord is back. You just met her last week. So Liz Nord is back. Steve Higgins who has been on the podcast twice is back with his favorite movie Broadway show and comic book of the year. And then Mark Smithivas, who I’ve known on since the earliest days on Twitter and who has been the person… Probably the person I know into audio the longest of anyone I’ve known. He joins with a TV show and a movie recommendation. Without further ado, here are Liz, Steve and Mark

Liz Nord  05:32

Hi, I’m Liz Nord. I was just on the last episode of the show talking about my love for documentary films. But I watch a lot of other stuff too. And my guilty pleasures are the comic book sci fi supernatural TV series, usually aimed at young adults. My favorite discovery from this past year is probably Pennyworth. on HBO max is the origin story of Batman’s infamous butler Alfred Pennyworth. In 1960s, London, we also meet a young Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane, the future parents of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. No one has any superpowers in this show. They’re just regular people in extraordinary circumstances. And that is part of what makes it so fun. It’s funny and stylish and cheeky. And over the top. There are three seasons so far. The first one is probably the best because it doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. The show is a total romp. But note to parents, it’s definitely not kid friendly. Enjoy and Happy New Year. Hello,

Steve  06:29

I am Steve Higgins. And I am here to talk about three of my favorite things of 2022. First, I want to talk about my favorite movie of 2022. I actually got to the theater quite a bit more this year than in the past two years, obviously, because of the pandemic. And one of the movies that I saw in theaters this year that absolutely blew me away. It made it shot to the top of my list. The second that I saw it, and it never left even though it was pretty early in the year and never left that top spot. And that is Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. I remember first seeing trailers for the movie and hearing the premise that it was kind of about alternate realities. And just how visually stunning the trailers were. And I was pretty interested. But then I heard that the directors of the film The Daniels, Daniel Kwan, Daniel shiner. Were also the directors of Swiss Army Man, that was a movie that I saw in theaters back in 2016. And I absolutely loved I thought it was brilliant. And so to find out that they had done this film as well, I was sold, I absolutely had to see it as soon as I could. You know, the the premise of it is very sci fi but I like to tell people it’s sci fi like Slaughterhouse Five is sci fi it’s it uses a science fiction premise, in order to explor human themes. You know, it’s really about our hopes and dreams and desires in life and who we want to be who we wish we had been the regrets of choices that we made. The great what if what if I had done my life differently? So it’s very much the road not taken. I think the premise then getting at the heart of it is yes. To story about, you can jump from one alternate reality to another and you can grab the skills of a different version of yourself from a different reality. But really, it’s about people and connections and relationships. And how would you feel if somebody came to you and said to you, alternate realities are real there’s a multiverse and in all the different versions of you that exist out there, you the version you are right here right now are the worst. You’re the worst version of yourself that you could be and how, how hard that is. It’s a movie that has a lot of heart. A lot of soul searching, the acting is fantastic. Michel Yao, Ki Quan, and Stephanie Chu is kind of the core family of Evelyn Waymond and joy are amazing. You feel like their family dynamic is real. And it’s it’s a really powerful film because of that dynamic. It’s It’s hilarious. It’s got great action sequences. It’s visually stunning. It’s high concept. And it’s, it’s moving. It’s incredibly, incredibly moving. And I think this film is not only my number one movie of this year, but might be, you know, the best movie that I’ve seen in In the past five or 10 years, probably barn on an amazing, amazing film.

Steve  10:07

I also got to go to the theater a little bit this year to see some live theater, took a trip to New York in June and saw some Broadway plays. And so my favorite experience with the live theater this year was seeing A Strange Loop. I saw it about three days before it ended up winning the Tony for Best Musical. And it was an amazing experience. I it’s it’s been a, it’s been a work that I have had trouble recommending to people, because I feel like the soundtrack doesn’t quite do it justice. The songs are good and powerful but it doesn’t have the same gravitas to it as when you see it live. And you can see the the actors performing on stage and you can see the sets and you can you can be there. Unfortunately, it is wrapping up its Broadway production on January 15. I’m very hopeful that that means they’re going to move it to another city. I’m really hopeful that that city in Chicago because I will absolutely drive up to Chicago to see it again. It was it was an amazing work. Now it being wards and all kind of portrait of a black gay man in New York City.

Steve  11:39

In the modern era, it is not a film. Sorry, it’s not a play, that I would recommend to anybody. We actually had a friend of ours, who was going to New York with their teenage son and asked him he really wants to see this. Should we let him go see it? No, you absolutely shouldn’t. It is. It is not appropriate for young audiences. There’s a lot of very frank discussion of the realities of relationships and gay sex and things that you probably don’t want your teenage son to hear.

Steve  12:30

But if that sounds like a thing that you might be interested in, you know, seeing a creative person floundering, not feeling like they’re able to live up to their full potential, and not just creatively but also romantically also just in life. And see them kind of come to terms with that seems to be a bit of a theme between my film in my and my play that I chose, but I would recommend at least giving the soundtrack a listen. And if you think after you hear the soundtrack that interested me, then if you can get a chance to see it live, it will take it to the next level.

And then finally, I want to recommend a comic I’m a big comic fan comic reader read a lot of great comics this year, but one that really blew me away the most is a eight issue miniseries from Image Comics, written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Ryan Brown, it’s called 8 Billion Genies. And the basic premise of this comic is that, at the same instant, every single person in the world is given a genie. And given one wish that they can make and how those wishes change the world for the worse unfolds over the course of the eight issues. The first issue is the first eight seconds. Second issue is the first eight minutes third issue is the first eight hours, and so on. Up to now only the first six issues have come out. Issue seven and eight are coming in January and February respectively. And that’s the first eight decades and the first eight centuries to show how this world gets changed by the introduction of everyone suddenly getting one wish that they could make anything come true. How would that play out and people being people? It doesn’t play out well, but the basic premise is the the our main characters are in a bar. And there’s only a handful of people in the bar and the second that this happens, the bartender slash owner of this bar makes his wish that all of the effects of everybody else’s will issues in the world will not affect what happens in the walls of this bar. So this bar becomes a safe haven, from all the craziness and chaos that goes on outside. It’s beautifully drawn by Ryan Brown, who makes the characters seem real. And the fantasy elements are jarring, obviously, with the reality of the world, but in a way that it’s cohesive, if that makes any kind of sense. It’s a cohesive narrative, I should say. And again, the high concept from Charles Sol is just just brilliant. It’s an absolutely great comic. If you only read one comic, check out 8 billion genies by Image Comics. So those are my three favorite things of 2022. The film, everything everywhere all at once. The play musical, a strange loop, and the comic, 8 billion genies. Hope you check them out. Hope you dig them. Thanks for having me back on the show.

Mark Smithivas  16:09

Hi, Leah, this is Mike Smithivas. I hope you’re having a great end to the Year. Happy New Year. And my favorites that I wanted to let you know about is the Hulu series Only Murders in the Building. I really loved this series with Steve Martin. It just had a level of sharpness to its writing, and the cast was top notch. And I like to say that it’s a great achievement when you have a series that tries to parody something, in this case, True Crime podcasts while managing to also be what it’s parodying. Meaning that I was kept guessing until the very end of who the murderer was. So I would highly recommend binge watching it. There’s two seasons to it. Both seasons are really good in my opinion. And if you love that kind of New York, character actor, type of vibe, there are there are many veteran actors who are in that series. What else I just watched with my family, Black Panther to Wakanda Forever. And I was truly surprised that a movie could a Marvel movie could be something more than just your standard superhero movie. I know it had big shoes to fill, trying to be the sequel to an amazing breakthrough movie like Black Panther. But in this one, I think they managed to be poetic, while also celebrating or memorializing the death of Chadwick Boseman. And also highlighting a lot of strong black female characters. So I think it set the bar pretty high for what a Marvel superhero movie could be. And I’m hoping to see more of that in the in the future with other Marvel franchises. I think I’ll stop there. I hope you have a happy new year again, and we’ll catch up to you and 2023.

Leah Jones  19:00

All right, thank you, Liz, Steve, and Mark for your recommendations. All right, so in 2022, we were vaccinated. And for me, that meant the return of live shows and seeing live shows with friends. Again, a lot of my year was overshadowed by my treatment for breast cancer and a long slow recovery. That in part because I had an undiagnosed chronic illness on top of the cancer. A lot of my live shows were on my calendar as the emotional carrot to get through a part of cancer treatment. The first thing I looked forward to all through chemotherapy was going to Boston to see the Doughboys it was a doubleheader in January of 2022. And it got canceled because COVID was too high. I think that was the Omicron. It might have been Delta, like I don’t even remember anymore. But their winter tour got cancelled. But I could not give up emotionally kind of could not give up the trip. So I went to Boston, I met a few people who also kept their trips. And so we hung out. And the week before the Boston trip, there was a Chicago show that got canceled. But people still came into into Chicago. So two weeks in a row, I got to hang out with my friend Geno, and then see other Doughmies in Chicago and Boston. And then other friends who aren’t into the Doughboys but do live in Boston. So it was sort of like come hell or high water. I am marking the end of chemotherapy with Boston. And so I went to Boston in January, it was very cold. I slept a lot. I was very weak. But it was such a good trip.

A week, like a week after I finished radiation. I got on a plane again. I went to LA and that time it was for How Did This Get Made live show. It was right after my birthday. I stayed with my friend Esther. But this time I took… Esther and I have a mutual friend Susan, who is as into How Did This Get Made? Like we’re both huge fans of it. And we have both gone to shows at the Largo and taken Esther and Esther is always a very willing guest. But this time Susan and I went together. And then when we got done with the show, Esther surprised me with a birthday charcuterie… a chocolate… a plate of chocolate for my birthday. And that was a fantastic trip.

Then Doughboys got rescheduled. So I went back to Boston again. And they had so I went to Boston and shot saw two shows in Boston. absolute blast. And then I got to take Ronnie up to Milwaukee to see the Doughboys live in Milwaukee, which I was just like, “your opinion of me might change a lot when you see the experience the live show of one of my favorite podcasts.” Introducing him to Doughboys at a live show was great seeing some Doughmies and Milwaukee. Having it was just a really fun trip.

And then Halloween I got to introduce Jocelyn, my co-host of Candy Chat Chicago to How Did This Get Made at the Chicago Theater. Again, this was one that had been in the summer got rescheduled pushed to October. I have talked about this show ad nauseam, especially on my interview with Kevin Alvis. So needless to say, this is the show. It was Morbius it’s coming out next week finally, and this was the one where I realized that Jason Mantzoukas now knows who I am, which is mortifying and, but was wonderful. I got to see Letterkenny live this year with Amy Guth. That’s also how I met Kevin Alves. My friend Rob and I, we went to see a ton… I would get Broadway in Chicago season tickets and Rob was my standing plus-one for a few years. Broadway in Chicago was back a highlight this year was seeing Hadestown. And finally, I went to Washington DC to meet up with Shai Korman and his family. Shai is from Friday Night Movie Podcast. And I got to go with his family to see Weird Al at the Kennedy Center, which was just the coolest venue and such a great group of people. So in this section, these are people that I have been to live events with or know through podcasts community. So we’ve got Esther Kustanowitz from the bagel report. Shai Korman from Friday Night Movie podcast. Pam Rose, who I know through How Did This Get Made? And Rob Schulte who I know through the Doughboys community.

Esther Kustanowitz  24:31

Hi, this is Esther Kustanowitz from The Bagel Report Podcast among other places. Leah Jones has been so instrumental in my own online development from blogging to Twitter to podcasting and I’m just thrilled to be able to continue in this tech meets pop culture dialogue that we have going on. So I have loved all of the pop culture this year except for Kanye obviously, not cool, but there was so much especially Within my chosen primary category of Jewish TV that I could talk about, but since I’ve already done an episode of finding favorites about that, I figured I’d focus on one of the other pod things that I loved the most this year, which was continuing to make the river ringer verse podcast part of my week.

I love a lot of other Ringer network podcasts with special shout outs to The Rewatchables, The Big Picuture as well as a lot of their other pop culture podcasts. But the Ringer-verse! they’re my people. There are like two main teams and they’re so dynamic and passionate about fandom. They’re absolutely unapologetic about how nerdy they get about popular culture, sci fi, fantasy, etc. They totally like an every second of their recordings, they revel in how nerdy it is, and how intertextual it is, and how they know the comic books did this. And the previous movies did that. And I love the individual personalities that that are involved in recording this show and how they interrelate. And even when they disagree, and they sometimes really, really disagree, they all come back to the love they have for each other and for the primary cultural product. So I love that they can have a three hour discussion about a two hour movie, and they bring in experts to explain the lore, which helps me put things in a greater context. So being a regular listener has changed how I react to the pop culture that I consume. Because more often than not, I’ll hear a phrase or a see a scene that I’ll file away in my memory bank know just know somewhere in my like cells that the ringer verse team is probably going to talk about and love and criticize and contextualize and obsess over it. And I really just loved being able to partake in their conversational experience, even though it’s really one sided, because I’m pretty sure they don’t listen to the bagel report podcast, although, obviously they should. And I just had a guest spot on Jews on film podcast, where we talked about the fable mins for two hours so I’m honing my skills should they ever require an expert on Jewish content, I’m hoping that the reverse will give me a buzz. So if you are a fan of Star Wars or DC or Marvel properties or the Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones or anything else that kind of hits the the pop culture with a little bit of a sci fi fantasy heroes comic book infused element, the wringer versus a must listen. Thanks and have a great 2023 everyone.

Shai Korman  27:52

Hey there, Leah. This is Shai calling from the Friday Night Movie Podcast and my favorite of the year that I want to talk about is getting to go see the great Weird Al Yankovic at the Kennedy Center with none other than Leah Jones, host of Finding Favorites and Candy Chat Chicago because getting to see Weird Al with Leah Jones is one of the all time favorites that any person could experience. And I hope we get to do it again soon. And I love finding favorites and keep making this amazing show.

Pam Rose  28:35

Hi, this is Pam Rose. You may remember me from a previous episode talking about my love of one Jason Mantzoukas and How Did This Get Made. But right now I’m here to talk about things that I loved in 2022

Well, some of them at least in Number One on The List: Vechna from Stranger Things. Stranger Things came back with a vengeance this season. Epic epic episodes and at the center was the big bad vechna He was mean he was evil. He had the cutest bomb in the world and I want to be his best friend. So yeah, Batman. And speaking of TV and awesome TV, Apple TV continues to crush with its original programming. My number one favorite show of the year severance. Severance is so good if you haven’t seen Severance please watch Severance. I was in California and vacation the night of the finale and my brother and I both put our headphones in and our beds. We watched the finale because I could not wait. I didn’t want to get spoiled. But people talk about severance. We know how good it is.

But what about other shows on Apple TV? How about Tehran? Have you seen this show? Because it’s awesome. If you’d like homeland, which is one of the all time greatest shows of all time, you might like Tehran it’s got the same feel. Season two was stellar. Glenn Close was on season two she started speaking Farsi at one point what was happening, so 10 Iran I recommend it. Also, I’m not a girl who’s into epic things, but let me tell you, Pachinko. Oh my god. So good apparently is based on a book. I don’t have time for that. But I do have time for the TV adaptation of it and Pachinko is so good. It’s multigenerational story about a family in Japan, Korea. I learned all kinds of things about history, but also so engrossing loved it so Pachinko check those things on an Apple TV if you have Apple TV if you don’t get a trial of it, and you can watch these things. You could thank me later. On the music side. Kelsea Ballerini came out with a new album this year and it’s her best one yet highly recommend it. We all know Taylor Swift killed it with her new album. Lavender haze midnight Rain Come on. Take McRae’s debut album was awesome every track a banger and Mimi Webb continues to put out song after song. Never skip on any other things and I get to see her live twice this year. I was the oldest person there by about 20 years but that girl can sing her ass off. So watch out for that little 21 year old British girl because she’s coming for you. She’s putting out her first full length album next year. And don’t sleep on it because she’s great. And then if you need something trashy to get you through 2023 may recommend love after lockup. And I wish I was kidding. But really, it’s so addictive. It’s so trashy. We get love during lockup now. We get life after lockup. But love after lockup, we TV, you can catch the episodes once you watch one you’re gonna get hooked. You’re gonna say why am I watching this? What is happening? But then you’ll keep watching, but it is that good. So anyway, those are some of the things that I loved. Yeah, here’s to a great 2023 with awesome TV, music and movies. Let’s do it. And also fellas, if you’re single, I’m on Instagram hamster. Pam, come find me. Have a great 2023 guys.

Rob Schulte  32:09

Hey, Finding Favorites listeners. This is Rob Schulte. And I want to list off some of my favorite things of 2022. The Dark Web series of comic books. That’s been fun. My dog Elvis, he’s at the top of the list almost every single year. Bug Con, that was great. And let’s see here is working on new episodes of Doing It with Mike Sacks. That has been a lot of fun. I think he was on his podcast as well. Great episode. Well, here’s to you, 2022. And looking forward to 2023.

Clip from HDTGM: Stone Cold

Paul Scheer  32:52

Let me go to the audience here for a second. If you have any questions. You’re in a beautiful shirt. It’s like a baseball shirt. HDTGM shirt. I love this. Not one that we sell, but it’s a great looking shirt. Okay, yes.

Leah Jones  33:10

So you mentioned before William Forsythe was also in Raising Arizona?

Jason Mantzoukas  33:13


Leah Jones  33:14

So was Sam McMurry who played Lance the FBI agent.

Jason Mantzoukas  33:16


Leah Jones  33:17

So my question is, who would you like Red Rover called over from Raising Arizona?

Jason Mantzoukas  33:22

Nicolas Cage.

Paul Scheer  33:23

Well, let me let me repeat the let me repeat these so I can make sure. So two of the actors in this film, the FBI agent and of course our second baddie, William Forsythe, were in Raising Arizona.  would there be anybody that we would call over from Raising Arizona?

June Diane  33:41

Imagine Holly Hunter as Nancy it’s and it would be different and interesting. And they’d have to do something different

Jason Mantzoukas  33:50

Nicolas Cage as part of Boz.

Paul Scheer  33:54

Really? John Goodman as Ice

Jason Mantzoukas  34:04

I also think you could have John Goodman as the whip. [audience reaction] Guys. Cool. Cool. Okay. I know it’s been a while but everybody be cool.

Paul Scheer  34:19

Great question. Great question. Great shirt.

Jason Mantzoukas  34:22

Great. Oh, so much overlap. Raising Arizona also because of the supermarket scene. I was thinking about Raising Arizona a lot during this movie. And I’m like, Oh, I gotta rewatch Ray’s It’s a great movie

Leah Jones  34:47

Awesome, thank you. Now you have got a lot of music to listen to and TV to watch podcasts to listen to. Here’s my third chunk of things that my favorite things this year, which have to do with cancer, even though my treatments ended in March-ish, that’s not true. Radiation finished in March. I was getting immunotherapy until October. But I had a really hard recovery from chemotherapy. And to get to the bottom of it, I wound up going to the Mayo Clinic this summer I drove up to the Mayo Clinic three different times. Each of those was a very fun road trip with a different friend and found out that there’s a lot of good food in Rochester, Minnesota. There’s a lot of good bartenders in Rochester, Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic for me was an outstanding experience. But finishing chemo in January and hitting the gong in March of ’22. was incredible. And then finally getting a sarcoidosis diagnosis. And at the very end of the year starting treatment for sarcoidosis, starting my hormone therapy to gobble up all the estrogen in my body. I am finally walking without a cane. Breathing without coughing and feeling pretty good. I’m gonna put into this block.

In September I went to Israel went back to Israel hadn’t been since 2019, which is a long gap for me. And with this incoming government, I’m not sure when I’ll go back on that trip. I my goals were simple. At that point, I was still using a cane. Although it was getting stronger, I was still using a cane. So my goals were to have a hotel breakfast buffet every day and see a friend every day, which I did. There were some things that were really physically challenging about the trip emotionally challenging about the trip. But ultimately, I went to a beautiful breakfast buffet every morning. So at least one friend a day had ice cream had a few really amazing dinners laughed a lot, gotten the ocean. And it was a wonderful trip. So it was good to have to return to Israel, even if I don’t know how to change a flight without accidentally getting charged $3,000. And finally I am going to give it up to science for the COVID boat bivalent booster, the flu shot and 15-20 years early I also have the pneumonia vaccine. So in this next block of people, we have Cameron MacKenzie, my friend Jason Mathes, my friend Caroline, get your pencils ready because she is recommending a dozen card games to play with your family. And Monica Reida is back with her favorite video game and movie of the year. Thank you to everyone who joined me on this clip show. And I’m sure I’ll be back one more time for the last-minute clips that I have been asking people for.

Cameron MacKenzie  38:25

Hello, my name is Cameron MacKenzie. I had a book come out this year called River Weather from Alternating Current Press. And I wanted to talk about my favorite thing of 2020 to 2022 I think was really the year that I got into Premier League football. I’m gonna call it soccer for the sake of this conversation. Because the reason I got into Premier League football was that I got burnt out on American football, I grew up playing football. When I quit playing football, I started to watch it. But over the years, I just got ground down by the narrative of whatever Tom Brady is doing or the desire to buy Ford trucks or drink Budweiser beer. It’s just sort of a constant loop and I couldn’t take it anymore. My oldest boy is eight years old and he started playing soccer. And I realized I knew nothing about soccer. So I couldn’t tell him what was good, what was bad what to do how to do it. So I started watching Premier League and I was blown a way the games are beautiful and exciting. The players are absolutely incandescent, the teams themselves. There’s so much history to these teams and the fan bases are rabid. You if you’re born in these places, you can’t really choose what team you’re going to watch. It’s sort of handed down to you like a heritage or lineage. So if you’re going to start watching Premier League, you got to choose a team and you got to stick with that team through the ups and through the downs through the good and Through the bad, the only thing I would compare it to in America maybe is college football, that sort of level of passion. But if you find yourself getting bored of the US sports landscape, give Premier League a try, you will not be disappointed. Just be sure that you choose team before you start. No arsenal.

Caroline  40:23

So I saw this tweet that said, a great alternative to screen time is playing cards as a family, so many learning opportunities. I taught my kids that there’s no such thing as family while playing uno, and then I’ll play I’ll put a draw for down on a kindergartener and cackle like a swamp which, because I did not come to lose.

My name is Carolyn Musin Berkowitz, and I love playing cards with my family. So in my family, we play tons of card games, usually one or two per night. We started with uno, which is why I particularly like that tweet, but we’ve moved on a bit. Here are some of our favorites. We really like playing Go Fish. We even have a set of cards with fish on them. It’s a nice easy one. It’s how my little one learn to read. Sort of, we like Taco Pet goat Cheese Pizza, which is really funny to say and it’s a quick game. And also, you might get your knuckles smashed. So buyer beware. Scrabble Slam is a super game that I found at Walgreens, by the way amazing games that you can find in the toy area at Walgreens. And it is a game where you make a four letter word, not one of those but whatever. And then you put other cards on top to make new words. Great way to teach your children spelling also, we have set my game of SET is probably from when I was a kid when I was a teen, and it is a math and patterns game. Super fun. There’s also a junior version. But trust me, your early elementary child can handle the regular game.

Leaping Queens is a super fun game, where you have you want to collect as many queens as possible. But beware because your opponents are going to try to use knights to steal them or sleeping potions to put them to sleep. Skip It was a great counting game. And again to try to read your read yourself with all your cards before your opponents do super fun, lasts more than five minutes. Maybe it’s 10 minutes. So it’s good when you want something that will take a little longer. We also have been Monopoly Deal. If you’ve ever played Monopoly. With young kids, you know that it can last forever and it’s not so pleasant. I recommend Monopoly Deal. It the game was over in 10 to 15 minutes. And I gotta tell you, my six-year-old was the first one figure out the strategy in this game. Super fun.

We also like Yahtzee not really a card game, but a pretty good game. Regardless. Yahtzee slam is a different version of Yahtzee a different iteration with poker chips. And it is super fun as with these. Now, this is not a card game, but I do have to mention trouble. It is a super game that requires zero skills, and a lot of trash talk when you send your opponents back to their home base. And finally a Chicago is about to have a terrible blizzard. And we’re all going to be stuck inside for a few days. Let me introduce you to Phase 10, which is kind of like Rummy, you have to get certain arrangements of cards before your opponents do. You have to get through 10 rounds and it might take you more than 10 rounds to get there. So if you’re going to be home for like a long Blizzard, make your hot cocoa sit down with phase 10 and enjoy a happy new year. I’m Caroline, and playing card games is one of my favorite things.

Jason Mathes  44:00

Hi, Leah Jones. This is past podcast guests, Jason Mathes checking in from Connecticut to tell folks about something that’s probably popped up on the recommendations on Netflix and to tell them that it’s worth the time. It’s a cartoon, a very adult cartoon called Inside Job. And it features a lot of the comedians that I know both of us enjoy their work. Nominally it’s the story of a young woman named Reagan who is a genius scientist whose father created the corporation that controls the world. So all the conspiracy theories that we’ve been told about the Illuminati, about the wizard people about those types of things are true. And this is the corporation that has to do all the grunt work to ensure that they dominate and control the lives of everyday citizens. It’s a workplace calm empathy. It’s also a father daughter divorce story. But it is highly intelligent. It’s from at least executive produced from the gentleman who brought us. Gravity Falls, which is very popular in a lot of communities for being a, what I call the opposite of loss, the TV show, and so much that he weighed the show out. So there are easter eggs contain throughout and riddles and puzzles and Gravity Falls that we do to the answers. So if people have not checked out Gravity Falls, that’s a completely kid appropriate. It was on Disney. And it’s genius. It’s smart. It’s funny, it’s very endearing. But inside job is all of those things, but it’s for a PG 13 Plus audience, just just so folks know. And it’s really great. It’s a smart, funny comedy that people will enjoy. And it’s something to binge watch over the holidays, and just enjoy the heck out of it, and laugh about it. And enjoy Happy Holidays to everyone and especially to the Jones family. Talk to you soon hopefully. Hello,

Monica Reida  46:22

my name is Monica Reida. And in 2022. I loved Pentamento and Crimes of the Future. Pentimento is a video game for Xbox and PC, where the premise is you are a young artisan who is in Bavaria in the 1500s. And you are currently working at a Abbey as working on illuminated manuscripts. And one day a baron comes to visit and the next day and there’s a lot of you know, tension as to the Barrett and a lot of people in the village seem a little unhappy, he’s there. And then the next day the Baron is found murdered in the Abbey. And so it’s up to you, you are a scholar, you are a dropout from college like the best of us. And you have to try to figure out who killed the Baron to try to clear an elderly monk from being executed. The art style for the game, it looks like you’re walking through an illuminated manuscript from the Middle Ages. It’s one of the most beautiful video games I think I’ve ever played. And it requires a lot of critical thinking. It’s kind of the opposite of a lot of games I tend to play where it’s like, Oh, I’m just going to try to make the best moves and you know, score enough shots on goals in NHL 22. Or I’m just going to kill a bunch of guys to save the day in Yakuza. So it’s kind of the opposite of that where you have to critically think about the choices you’re making. And I’m not even close to being done with this game. But I already can’t wait to play it again. And see how different choices affect the story how it affects the characters. So Pentiment on Xbox and PC.

One of the things I love this year, I also loved the new David Cronenberg film, Crimes of the Future. It takes place in a future where there are a lot of body mutilations and people enjoy getting surgery, including putting on performances to show off the mutilated bodies to show off the surgery. It is I would say kind of a form of sicko cinema that I think I associate with Cronenberg, and also John Waters. I mean, it’s a film where people actually say surgery is the new sex. It is also I think, one of the funniest movies I have watched this year. I think benediction from Terence Davies is probably the only film that I saw this year that I think was funnier than crumbs of the future. But Cronenberg’s dialogue and his most of which is delivered by Alyssa do. And I am just blanking on everybody else in the cast, Viggo Mortensen, Don McKellar, one of my boys and Kristen Stewart. It’s delivered in just a brilliant, natural way that also lets the humor shine and put as a very dark and morbid film. But even just the visual cues and the cuts and the Justice positions of it the visual style. It’s it’s a very funny, very morbid film that has stayed with me since I saw it in theaters wearing a sickos shirt because yes, I do think that if you love Cronenberg, you might be a sicko, and the best way. So those were the two things I loved in 2022. I hope you and anybody else listening you know if you’ve got a fuzzy little friend or furry friend, curl up with them and enjoy some movies, enjoy some TV show, listen to some Quebec while pop and have a nice 2023

Leah Jones  50:41

and I’m back with my final block of favorite things from this year. Followed by a few more clips that have come in. So a favorite TV show of mine is 101 Places to Party Before You Die. It was on Tru TV. It is now available on HBO Max, so it’s much easier to find than it was when it first came out. It is Jon Gabrus and Adam Pally. Adam, you might know from the TV show Happy Endings or from from The Mindy Project, John Gabriel was on a show called Guy Code that I never watched. I know John from podcasts. I originally saw him in a live episode of Nicole Byers podcast that was taped in Chicago many years ago. And then I started listening to High and Mighty, I started listening to Doughboys. His podcast is High and Mighty. He’s a regular guest on Doughboys. I’ve seen him at two of the three Doughboy shows I’ve been to. And they have been best friends for 20 years. They came up together at UCB. And they got to shoot six episodes traveling the states. Going to bars going to restaurants, museums, and Jocelyn and I have watched it on my own at least twice. Jocelyn and I have watched it. There are times when we’ll finish recording an episode of Candy Chat Chicago, and we’ll just go back to the Denver episode because that is the episode that makes us cry from laughing so hard. What I love about it, honestly, it’s the same things I loved about Jackass, which should have made the list (how did I not talk about Jackass Forever?), we are starting to get more positive representation of male friendship. And I think this show it was recorded both John and Adam have lost parents young. And this was recorded at a time when we had been vaccinated and the world was starting to open up again. And so they’re they’re traveling the country after a year of quarantine. really aware of what it means not to be with your friends and your family. And there’s so much heart in between the laughter and so much realness that this little show. I hope someone picks it up for a second season. Let’s keep talking about it. Let’s keep watching about watching it and do watch the Denver episode all the way through the credits. Because you will be crying crying at the you’ll just just watch it.

A book I read that then I bought for two people for Christmas and Hanukkah gift. So now I can talk about it is the biography of Mike Nichols called Mike Nichols a life by Mark Harris. Again, this was something that people were talking about on podcasts. And I had some audible credits and I picked it up and just lived in Mike Nichols world for like three weekends. just listened to it playing match three games on my phone and nonstop listening to Mike Nichols story. He is at some level, the for the real life Forrest Gump of pop culture and New York culture from like 1950 Odd. He is everywhere. He’s friends with everyone. He’s foes with everyone at certain times, but it is a compelling biography to understand pop culture, from truly from like the 1950s on, charted through his life. And then tonight, I ran out and picked up a painting by local artists Phineas Jones, other than my own dad’s art, Phineas is the person is the next person that I have the most art in my house from. He was selling some original paintings and so I got an original little painting of some Chicago hot dogs. So with that, rounding out the podcast the best of 2022 Are. We’ve got clips from Lindsay Liddell, who I know from the Doughboys community, Robert Persinger, also known as drop King, who I know from the Doughboys community, Keidra Cheney, who is one of my very longtime Twitter pals. And Jocelyn Geboy, my co host on andy Chat Chicago Rounding things out. I do expect to wake up to two more clips. And so there will either be clips from Jaqui and Taylor when I wake up and they will be added to this, or you know that you will hear from him this year when I finally get to sit down and interview them. So with that, wash your hands, wear your mask, get your booster and keep enjoying your favorite things.

Doughboys Excerpt: Burger King 6 with Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus

Mike Mitchell  55:59

Wiges, how are you?

Nick Wiger  56:00

I’m doing well.

Mike Mitchell  56:01

Look, we have we have one guest it’s way overdue. And then and then another

Jon Gabrus  56:07

who’s the exact opposite of overdue.

Nick Wiger  56:11

Our most frequent guest, this is this is the duo. This is the odd couple that we have with us today. And, Mitch, we want to we want to get to them because they’ve been doing media all day. I’m sure they’re their little bushwhacked. But before we do that, you got your you got to drop.

Mike Mitchell  56:25

I’m looking for it. All right, just

Nick Wiger  56:29

I can’t believeyou’re not ready with this. I said.

Mike Mitchell  56:33

We usually talk for five to 10 minutes. Well, you could have read time.

Nick Wiger  56:38

Yeah, but our guests were like, Hey, we we’ve been we’re fucking wiped.

Mike Mitchell  56:42

I know. But that’s if you get into Rush mode, it’s going to be a bad episode. So don’t go into Rush mode.

Nick Wiger  56:49

Well, I’m not going to rush mode. It’s going to be good episode because our guests are great. I guess.

Adam Pally  56:53

Is this the Podcast?  This is what it is. Yeah. Yeah.

Jon Gabrus  56:57

Honestly, dude, I’m the most frequent guest and more or less, this is what it

emma  57:02

Mitch, do you want me to play it?

Mike Mitchell  57:03

No, I got it. I got it. I found it.

Nick Wiger  57:05

Gabrus was was air drumming some Neil Peart, I should say at the mention of Rush, which was Rush mode. That was a lot of fun for me. I saw that was the first concert I went to at the Anaheim pond

Adam Pally  57:16

Really? The first concert you went to is rush?

Nick Wiger  57:18


Jon Gabrus  57:18

Mine was Soul Asylum at Jones Beach.

Nick Wiger  57:21


Adam Pally  57:22

New Kids on the Block Rush  on the continental arrowheads. Oh, yeah. That’s awesome.

Mike Mitchell  57:27

Mine was WBCN River Rave I believe is the first concert I went to. I saw the boss the Mighty Mighty Bosstones less than Jake. Yeah. Let’s just

Jon Gabrus  57:38

lead with artists so that people know what you’re talking about. Yeah, I don’t quite remember the name of the tour. I want you otters jug band Christmas that my first concert was jingle ball 1992. Sponsored by Cadillac. Play the drums bass Hall.

Mike Mitchell  58:02

I went to I went to Roger Waters concert. My friend my friend’s mom, Mrs. Tufo. She gave us a ride. My friend Martin he gave me what he said was acid. I bought it from him. And I took it and I was in the van with Mrs. Too far. She drove us to the concert. And then when we got out, he was like, that was vitamin C. It wasn’t acid at all. But I think they expected me to like flip out and act like be like, This is crazy, but I never did it. You know what I mean? I never felt for the I passed the test. You know what I mean? Right? And, but then I did take two tabs of mescaline at that concert. It was really crazy.

Jon Gabrus  58:36

For how could you tell what was the mescaline in Hi-C? Right

Mike Mitchell  58:42

Alright, here’s the drop Hold on. I’m gonna I got it. I got it loaded up.

Jon Gabrus  58:48

And you’re gonna leave all this in right?

Mike Mitchell  58:51

I just think the crowd was changing

emma  58:54

not editing this at all. We haven’t even announced our names to happen yet. Yes. All this shit has to happen first.

Mike Mitchell  59:06

I was watching prehistoric planet alright, I’ll save that for later alright, here we go. Here we go. Wiges, Here is a little drop. Here we go plastic fork city. The city is also weird That’s it. Perfect fucking length. It was nice and short. It was nice and short when

Jon Gabrus  59:52

he sat literally that’s the only clip I’ve ever heard that’s both not too short and not too long.

Mike Mitchell  59:58

I was kind of perfect. Yeah, great length. Hey, while you Norman in Boston, Mitch asked us to get back to the simple life drops with one or two clips from the show. To that end. Here’s my Ode to Guns and Roses. Hope to see in Chicago in 2022. Oh, that was cancelled because of COVID xoxo Leah, aka Chicago Leah and the Doughscord  Hey, thanks for Chicago Leah. Thanks, Chicago Leah. Thanks.

Lyndsey Little  1:00:29

I’m Lindsay Liddell. And this is a strange list, but three of my favorite things are monsters, food and podcasts. This year was very unusual for me in the sense that it became such a culmination of significant moments for me, all relating to three of my favorite things. The stranger still was how my favorite things all intermingled together in some way, it felt like synchronicity. It began when as an avid listener of the Doughboys podcast, I joined the fan community Doughscord. I quickly felt at home there and made many friendships with others who loved the hosts, Nick and Mitch, and we all shared a mutual love of fast food of course, separate from this and after some time had passed, I along with two others began hosting our own horror movie recap podcast called Stories to Dismember. Even though the three of us had met through Reddit we surprisingly and quickly formed friendships and almost a familial bond. It’s been a really fun and fulfilling project. And it just really gives me a love for podcasts in a whole other way now, in fact, it was our pleasure to have Doughboys host Mitch on as our guest for Halloween. For some added complexity and confusion to the layers of my favorite things. Long before I was a Doughboys listener and Mitch starred in my favorite show love on Netflix, so for me personally, it was a dream come true for him to speak with us. As an aside, Nick, if you are serious about guesting with the stories to dismember team we would still love to have you. You know where to find me flitting around on Discord. So anyone listening to this if you love podcasts, I presume this is one of your favorite ones, but also check out Doughboys if you love fast food, and if you love horror movies or monsters, then check out stories to dismember. And if your favorite thing is just Mitch Mitchell, then check out our episode where he guested with stories to dismember. Thank you so much for letting me share some of my favorite things Leah and I hope you have a wonderful new year.

Robert Persinger  1:02:34

Hello, my name is Robert per singer. And my favorite things from this year were traveling to new cities. I visited Milwaukee in Boston for some live shows and had an amazing time seeing the sights and meeting some great people. In Boston, I wanted to shout out the TAM. Jam curlies, the Trillium beer garden, Regina pizzeria, Legal Seafood, tasty burger emack and folios Mangia Mangia, Mike’s pastry and the union Oyster House. In Milwaukee, I wanted to shout out to Feroz while skis, Thurman 15. Up down the Milwaukee Public Museum, Boone and Crockett, the Milwaukee pedal tavern, ‘s ads foundation Culvers lakefront brewing, lost whale, burn hearts, straight shots. Ian’s else’s Bryant’s and landmark lanes, so happy to have met so many awesome people in these cities. And I wanted to include them too. So shout out to Kevin, Chelsea, Phish greeing, Aaron, Gino, Zayn. Kev, Nick. smo, Shawn, demo, Jess ,Taylor, shifty, Lou. And of course, Leah. If I forgot anyone, I apologize. It was a very fun time after all, here’s to a great 2023

Keidra Cheney  1:04:11

So this is Keidra. So I wanted to share a couple of things to be alive trying to figure out what to share for the best of 2022 because 2022 didn’t seem terribly eventful. And when it was eventful, it wasn’t so great. Um, but there were things that were really good about the year. And one of the best things for me this year in pop culture, which is my usual obsession is a show that I constantly talk about called south side, which is on HBO Max. It’s a comedy very Chicago. It’s done by a group of actors and producers who are from the south side of Chicago and So the humor is very, very Southside and very Chicago specific, really funny, very weird at times, like a lot of funny, weird sci fi and geek culture-oriented humor, but also just random humor. So if you like to think of what it might be close, I compared it to, It’s Always Sunny in that the characters are not supposed to be characters that are like, moral in any way, or like people that you should look up to. They’re just, you know, weirdos doing, doing their thing in the world, working at a rent to own center, and basically taking people’s stuff back once they can’t afford it anymore. I’m probably not explaining it very well. But it is really hilarious. It’s really not meant to have like, any broader message outside of making you laugh. And it’s made me laugh more than any show that I’ve seen in the past decade, except for maybe the first season of Arrested Development. And that is like, like, the gold standard for me in terms of making you laugh. So yeah, Southside on HBO Max, three seasons, just perfection to me, every season has gotten better. And I just laugh at it nonstop. And I’m probably going to turn this off and watch the third season over again, as soon as I’m done with this. The other thing that has been really great for me, for 2022 That was my personal best, is starting to follow a lot of rabbit accounts on Instagram and Twitter. I love rabbits. I hope next year I will finally have a rabbit of my own. I just think they’re cute and funny and weird and just adorable. And interesting little guys, and I just love seeing them eat and jump and zoom around. And just be lovely, lovely fellas and ladies, I follow Red Bull shelter on Instagram and there is an account that I follow on Twitter every morning and every evening they basically show this rabbit eating a meal alongside of his person. So this person is like eating super avocado toast or whatever in the rabbit is just they’re eating their pellets or hay or greens every morning and evening. And I love to start and end my day with watching that burn habits delicious meal. So those are my favorite things of 2022 the things that really made me smile and made my life better. And I am wishing you and everyone listening a very happy new year and here’s to a much better 2023 Then this past year

Jocelyn  1:07:54

fix Harry it’s Jocelyn did this last year kind of off the cuff this time I made notes. I am dears best friends with Leah and co host of our joint podcast. Candy Chat Chicago, come to the candy state with the chat. So that has been a joy that has continued to be a joy. This year has really been something Hmm. I’ve had I had the joy and the honor and the privilege of being able to be with Leah while she navigated and figured out did cancer. And I was glad to be a part of that journey. Even better to have her be on the other side of it. Um, lots of things happened not to me, but I’ve seen I saw friends get married. I saw friends have babies. I saw friends get engaged. I saw one dear friend get a new job. She was really excited. So I’ve kind of been watching and letting things swirl around me. Lee is going to talk about I’m sure but she turned me on to the show called 101 Places to Party Before You Die. It’s Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus. Oh my god, it’s I want to tell you all the funny parts but like, it’s kind of like you literally had to be there so like just go watch it and maybe you maybe think it’s funny. Maybe you will I just fucking couldn’t stop laughing. Um, I got the opportunity to see the Avett brothers again in 2022 for three night run at the Chicago theater March 31 first through April 2 It’s been a really long time since I’d seen them so that was really nice and it was really nice to see and catch up with old friends and make new friends as well. firepit is still fucking rock and life we know that it’s it’s it’s it’s always been good and it continued to be good to us this year as well. I this new band I really loved called The Diff. They’re kind of back on tour from their from the 80s from out east I don’t know Massachusetts or something And they came back together and did a reunion show. I don’t know earlier this fall, and it was really great. And I was really excited to see them. So that was a fun part of this year. Um, How Did This Get Made podcasts championed by Leah for many, many years, and I have problems listening to words like talk radio and stuff. So despite the fact that I have a podcast, it’s been sort of hard for me to listen to one, but this is Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas and these cats are off the chain so I went to a live courtesy of Leah to a live taping of a show. the premise they don’t like you know, how did this movie Get me and Chicago show was Morbius Jared Leto vampires Matt Smith weirdness and so it was really fun to it was really fun to listen to you and to go to go to you to make part of and Leah got some really fun interactions with Mantzoukas and Paul and all of them actually. So it was really it was really great. That was fun. And other than that, I wrote all my notes. I’m just putting out there for the year. I have a lot of attentions, always right. I always want to write that book. I always want to do the one woman show. But ultimately, like I really had an epiphany Today I had a little mini meltham panic attack over really nothing really if in the scheme of things that were told you the story you’d be like, okay, but I really my intention for the years to let go of that which does not serve me immediately. possessions, attitudes mindsets. I don’t think it’s gonna be easy to do but I think one of the mindsets that dogs me is this all or nothing thing black or white? I do it or I don’t. And so I think this will be a fun way to kind of exercise that is to like, let go stick stuff like that. Right? Like even if I’m not letting go of stuff like you realize, like, it’s not all or nothing like I get every day and I can I can you know do it again over and over again. And meeting my friend Jo was a huge part of this year. Mutual actually of Leah, so that’s always fun when that shit works out. But um, yeah, I really glad to be around again, the sun one more time. Sure. It’s crazy, but she’s great too. And I wish you all a very happy new year and a great 2023

Announcer  1:12:30

Thank you for listening to finding favorites with Leah Jones. Please make sure to subscribe and drop us a five star review on iTunes. Now go out and enjoy your favorite things.

Steve  1:12:46

Now how do I stop this? That’s a great question. Stop. I guess I’ll just leave

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