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Packing. Packing. More packing.

Well, I’m down to my last night in my flat. Not my last in London, but the last in my flat. After nearly 5 months, it is time to pack it up and move to a hotel for my final week.

I planned carefully and took a lot of things home last month, so things were easier, although I still have an awful lot of stuff to take home. I did all my laundry, everything is clean and folded and carefully shoved into my two monster suitcases.

My new set of animal glasses to complement the glasses I got in Tokyo a year ago. My british bar rags. Seven set of magnets featuring some of the David’s body parts. Kilograms upon kilograms of candy. and clothes, god I have a lot of clothes.

So, I made one last awful meal (cous cous with too much water, zuchinni and green chile) and am ready to move out and move home.

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